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Mission Statement

Saving Sunny, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization dedicated to animal rescue.

Saving Sunny, Inc. exists to reduce the flow of Pit bull Terrier Type dogs into shelters and to advocate for equal treatment and social justice for Pit Bull Terrier dogs. Saving Sunny, Inc. works to achieve these goals by assisting dog owners (of all breed types) in under served areas with free food and other resources needed to care for their pets; in-home behavior support; assistance re-homing dogs when necessary; and access to free and low-cost spay/neuter services. In addition, Saving Sunny hosts to Pitbull-positive community events, media relations, school visits and other myth-breaking activities.


Saving Sunny, Inc. is dedicated to the rescue of abused and neglected animals. Because our mission includes the rescue of those animals whose circumstances exceed the resources of other rescues or animal agencies, it is common for our dogs to require more extensive medical, behavioral, and or emotional/psychological rehabilitation than the average rescue. Saving Sunny firmly believes that any dog who has the ability to recover from her/his circumstances deserves the opportunity to recover and find a happy home, no matter how long it takes or how much money or emotion is required.

We do not discriminate based on an animals’ breed or history and will consider each and every Saving Sunny case with the utmost regard for his/her individuality. Specific cases of rehabilitation will require outside professional assistance and evaluation, at which time we will seek out appropriate consultation and treatment. Saving Sunny cases have been, but are not limited to, victims of dogfighting, domestic abuse, neglect and starvation, and severe medical problems and complications, all of which we have re-homed and seen blossom into loving companions.


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