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Mission Statement

No Paws Left Behind, Inc. is a focus driven not for profit organization, designed to bring awareness to all communities the silent victims of foreclosure who have no voice or rights to implement change. As a united front, we will restore moral obligations toward all pets that have the potential to be, or have been, left behind to suffer needlessly. We further pledge to act as a support group for those who find foreclosure imminent and need help to find shelter for their beloved pets; be a resource for those who find or know of abandoned pets; and last, but by no means least, we must unite to end the needless suffering by creating a national movement targeting lawmakers to change the laws categorizing pets as personal property.


No Paws Left Behind, Inc. is a 501c3, not for profit organization dedicated to bringing awareness and finding solutions to the growing phenomena of foreclosure pets. This trend is increasing in numbers with no immediate end in sight and it is these helpless victims of the mortgage crisis that suffer in silence. No Paws Left Behind, Inc. is here to be their voice.

Statistics show that 63% of all American households have pets. Foreclosures are growing in record numbers and experts agree that anywhere from 2 Million to 4 Million Americans will lose their homes before the crisis ends. That leaves over a 1ΒΌ Million companion animals at risk.With many shelters already at capacity, how can they possibly handle an addition 25% increase of pets needing homes? They can't...

Foreclosure pets who were once a vital part of a happy family suddenly find themselves alone, helpless, and in many cases, starving due to foreclosure. Most owners never intended for the end of a relationship that was once loving to turn abusive, but it's important to understand the emotional toll it takes on a family to lose a home. It's not always easy to find a good home for a pet, or possible to take a loyal friend along to a new home, or a temporary stay with relatives. The misconception, that homeowners are thrown out of homes with their belongings thrown on the curb, only adds to the sense of urgency to leave and hope for the best for their pets. Many times, an animal who has become a part of the family is not taken to a shelter for care, for fear of the pet being euthanized.

But there are choices and there are solutions. No Kill shelters will always find adoptive families and good homes for paws that are left behind. Foster care is available for temporary care until permanent living solutions are found. No Paws Left Behind, Inc. can help provide monetary assistance for pet deposits required by new landlords. We are here to help.



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