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Mission Statement

Our mission is to teach young adults, 16-21 years of age, to become productive citizens in their adulthood, by equipping them with the life skills, as guided by our Lord Jesus Christ.


Destiny Transitional Housing and Independent Living Inc. is a new non-profit organization, dedicated to foster children, as well as, other disadvantaged youth, physically handicapped, and young single mothers. Destiny's program will provide efficiency apartments, as well as, the opportunity to complete high school, and extended education for teens, and young adults, to better assist them in their transition into an independent lifestyle. Our organization will not only give thousands of young adults a place to go, but the training in every facet of life to help ensure they will be equipped to be a successful part of the community. We want to give these young adults the same opportunities afforded to children growing up in normal biological families.
We have carefully chosen a program of 16 necessary skills to master before completion of the program. These are as follows, but are not limited to; Apartment living, Community resources, Decision making and communication, educational planning, emergency and safety skills, food and nutrition, job skills, legal issues, money management, recreation and leisure, relationships, sexuality, self esteem, settings goals and transportation. These skills have been chosen to train young adults how to be prepared. Our hope is that we set a new precedent in the modern standards and applications of current independent living programs.
Destiny Transitional Housing and Independent Living Inc. has chosen a facility with ten units for the initial pilot program. All units will be supplied with complete amenities through purchase and donations. Each young adult will have one twin bed and bedding, dinette set, complete initial bathroom supplies and toiletries, vacuum cleaner, television and stand, full initial pantry, cooking supplies and dinnerware. At the end of each individual program, by completion, all amenities will be given to each young adult to take with them to start their independence with a sense of accomplishment, and to ease the transition into adulthood by having all of the initial materials for comfortable living.
Training is one of the most important goals of this program. There is a mandatory training program for foster parents, childcare providers and social workers, but there is no detailed training program for young adults. In fact many teenagers who leave an independent living program are ill equipped, unprepared, and under educated in many important life skills. So many give up and have no safety net to turn to. We want to change all of that. Even after completion of the program Destiny Transitional Housing and Independent Living Inc. will check in on our graduates, helping where, and when we can. Our service area at the present time will be extended to the following Ohio counties; Cuyahoga, Lorain, Medina, Lake, Geauga, Portage, Ashtabula, Trumbull and Mahoning . Initially there will be ten units for living. Our goals are to extend and build on that to have the ability to comfortably service many more young adults. Our first program is extended for young women, but in time we shall service the needs of young men as well. Security shall be implemented for the protection of our young adults. We shall also ensure medical care, and therapeutic needs are received as necessary.
Destiny Transitional Housing and Independent Living Inc. is a Christian based organization, however; none of our young adults shall be forced or coerced into attending any religious function. According to any given faith a young adult may have, transportation shall be provided for that young adult to any local religious gathering of that person's faith. We support, and encourage the freedom of choice.
16 Life Skills Our Clients Will Master
1 Apartment Living 2 Community Resourses 3 Decision Making & Communication 4 Educational Planning 5 Emergency & Safety 6 Food & Nutrition 7 Health & Hygiene 8 Job Skills 9 Legal Issues 10 Money Management 11 Recreation & Leisure 12 Relationships 13 Self Esteem 14 Setting Goals 15 Sexuality 16 Transportation. We need help to obtain a grant or small business loan as a start up organization. Destiny, Inc. needs help in finding, writing, and obtaining local, state, and federal grants. Once established, there will be an opening for a Fundraising Director, on our Board of Directors, and a future paid full time position.

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by David G. from Cleveland, OH (2012-01-23 09:04:29.0)
They are very caring when it comes to getting people on there feet