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Mission Statement

Pollinator Friendly Alliance protects and restores pollinators to improve the environment and sustain the food supply. We envision a healthy world that lives in harmony with our pollinators. PFA is a non profit conservation group working in the St. Croix River Valley and beyond.


From the graceful Monarch butterfly and the colorful hummingbird to the smallest bee, so much beauty we experience in the world is because of our pollinators.

Pollinators are an integral part of our ecosystem and are of utmost importance to our quality of life. They are the broad base of the food chain for much of life on earth, and are indispensible for pollinating our most nutritious food. Pollinators are essential for the majority of our flowering plants. Survival of birds, fish, amphibians, and even humans are ultimately linked to these amazing creatures. We simply cannot imagine a world without pollinators.

The St. Croix River Valley is a crucial area for pollinator habitat. With miles of varied ecosystems including forest, prairie, riverbanks, and even neighborhoods, there is opportunity to support many species of pollinators.

Pollinators are in severe and rapid decline. Loss of habitat and food sources, pesticide exposure, and disease resulting from the effects of these problems, have taken a great toll. It is clear that pollinator survival depends on us.

The good news is that we can all do something, and everyone we meet wants to help.

Pollinator Friendly Alliance worked with the City of Stillwater to pass a resolution to make Stillwater a Pollinator Friendly City. We are working closely with the city to help them achieve the goals of the Resolution and to become a role model to other communities.

POLLINATOR FRIENDLY ALLIANCE is helping pollinators through:

PUBLIC EDUCATION: Through our popular presentations to many groups, we show how everyone can do something to help pollinators. We are working with local governments to help them to create pollinator habitat in urban environments and roadsides.
POLLINATOR FRIENDLY GARDENS: Working with our volunteers to create pollinator habitat in city parks and open spaces.
ADVOCACY: Working with government towards pollination conservation legislation and practices.
GARDEN CENTER INITIATIVE: Working with garden centers to ensure their products are free of pollinator harming pesticides.
EVENTS: Hosting pollinator education events such as Winter Garden (wild bees and landscaping, January 2015), Polli-nation (awareness, Fall 2015), and Bee Spring (bee lawns, gardening, Spring 2016).
POLLINATOR WATCHDOG: Working with contractors to install pollinator habitat at new construction sites.



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