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Mission Statement

Boulder Fringe provides a platform for artists of all disciplines and fosters creativity in the community by creating events and forums that spark community dialogues often in non-traditional spaces. The Boulder Fringe educates artists and the public about independent producing of art work that is socially engaged, accessible, affordable and deeply connected to the cultural vitality of the community. The Fringe Festival provides the necessary ingredients for a vibrant and diverse arts culture by honoring the freedom of artistic expression, providing open and accessible venues, and offering educational workshops that focus on art and creativity as an essential service to the community.


The Boulder Fringe is a rollicking, white-knuckled, breathtaking event that brings exhilarating and inspiring performances to the city of Boulder and the Front Range arts community. In 2007 we generated approximately $750,000 in revenue for Boulder and the state of Colorado and the regional business community felt the benefit. We envision cultural enhancement as a base of economic development in the region. Our cultural initiatives aim to revitalize the community as well as support area businesses through the yearly employment of administrators, technical crews, and over 300 artists.

Artistic expression is a unique and powerful form of social magic. A festival of this kind supports the community in ways that have been tested throughout the world. Boulder Fringe includes a broad array of family events, workshops, local business activity and cultural activity throughout each day.

The Fringe community is a well established, existing worldwide network. Boulder has long been a bedroom community for world-class performers and artists from many traditions as well as exceptional new artists bursting with inspiration. The Boulder International Fringe Festival’s primary goal is to offer to this tremendous community opportunities to create, perform and workshop new material right here in their own back yard!

The Boulder Fringe hosts artists, local, national and international, presenting shows in twelve days at various venues - mostly within Boulder’s cultural corridor in the heart of downtown. The Boulder International Fringe Festival is in service to the community, building bridges between audiences, artists, businesses and civic organizations in conjunction with the worldwide Fringe Festival network.

Art generates art. It has been proven in many locations that where there is an increase in creative production there is also a revitalization of the local culture. Creativity creates community. Local Boulder artists are sheltered by the limited amounts of touring shows that come to town. Seasoned performers from across the world have experienced audiences from very diverse backgrounds. It is essential for local artists to experience up to date performances from visiting artists in order to experience culture and artistic practices from other places. Communication between local and traveling artists is an important part of the Festival Schedule. This includes workshops, post show discussions (Talk Backs), receptions, press and other community mixers.



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