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Mission Statement

To provide Operations Security and safety education to key groups, such as academia, military/government, schools, domestic violence shelters and related entities.


OPSEC (Operations Security) is simply denying an enemy or adversary information that could harm you or benefit them. This applies online, in person, and to what can be otherwise observed. This is very important in today's world, and is exploited by criminals, terrorists and profiteers.

Operations Security Professional's Association (OSPA) is dedicated to improving awareness of OPSEC procedures, as well as building cohesion amongst its members. OSPA members work together behind the scenes to further the discipline that is OPSEC. First and foremost, however, OSPA wants to help keep people safe.

OSPA is a 501c3 organization that focuses on peer development and interaction in order to help provide the best possible training and resources to beinning and established OPSEC professionals, as well as to Schools, Military, Law Enforcement, etc.


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by Terri P. (2017-03-13 10:20:14.0)
Communications and expectations were timely, clear and well organized. I would definitely recommend working with this group.
by Aimee w. from GB (2014-07-14 11:08:42.0)
Never got back to me about volunteering.
by Suchitra J. (2008-10-14 12:05:29.0)
The working experience was very good.The contact provided with the required information promptly and allowed enough time for development.