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Our Mission:
BBB’s mission is to be the leader in advancing marketplace trust. We do this by:

  • Setting standards for marketplace trust
  • Encouraging and supporting best practices by engaging with and educating consumers and businesses
  • Celebrating marketplace role models
  • Calling out and addressing substandard marketplace behavior
  • Creating a community of trustworthy businesses and charities

BBB sees trust as a function of two primary factors - integrity and performance. Integrity includes respect, ethics and intent. Performance speaks to a business’s track record of delivering results in accordance with BBB standards and/or addressing customer concerns in a timely, satisfactory manner.

BBB ensures that high standards for trust are set and maintained. We exist so consumers and businesses alike have an unbiased source to guide them on matters of trust. We provide educational information and expert advice that is free of charge and easily accessible.

BBB Accreditation is an honor - and not every business is eligible. Businesses that meet our high standards are invited to join BBB. Businesses deemed to meet Accreditation Standards are presented to the BBB's Board (or designees) for review and acceptance as a BBB Accredited Business. To read more about our Accreditation Standards, click here.

All BBB accredited businesses have agreed to live up to our Standards for Trust, a comprehensive set of best practices for how businesses should treat the public in a fair and honest manner. To review our Standards for Trust, click here.

BBB does not compare businesses against each other but rather evaluates businesses against our standards - and our standards clearly speak to the character and competence of an organization.

BBB is the resource to turn to for objective, unbiased information on businesses. Our network of BBBs allows us to monitor and take action on thousands of business issues affecting consumers at any given time.

BBB is your key adviser, most reliable evaluator and most objective expert on the topic of trust in the marketplace.


BBB seeks attorneys and dispute resolution professionals to help resolve the 4000+ complaints coming to BBB each month. BBB provides training via webinar to prepare qualified applicants to serve as arbitrators so that consumer/business disputes may be resolved in a fast, fair and economical way. Your BBB offers in person hearings at our West Palm Beach and Miami office locations. Arbitrators handling lemon law disputes will receive a $100 stiped for each case.

To learn more about the opporunity or to submit an application, please proceed to our website at:

Thank you for your interest in working with your BBB.


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