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Mission Statement

The mission of the Conner C. Vernon Foundation is to promulgate plans, events and activities to procure funds necessary to therapeutically resolve issues, treat symptoms of AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDER as well as other debilitating diseases and /or developmental dysfunctions associated with AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDER. It is also our mission to educate parents and individuals with these afflictions to become productive educated members of society. We have set a realistic and definitive goal of establishing the very first of many Conner C. Vernon Foundation's Educational, Treatment, Research and Theraputic Facilities to address the illusive and other wise un-obtainable therapy and treatment options UN-afforded to sufferers of ASD at a community level.


To Educate, Empower, and Instilll the Autism Spectrum Disorder Community as a whole with the benefits, knowledge, tools and support necessary to extend all of but not limited to the following services at a community level: 1). Behavioral management therapy.
2). Cognitive behavior therapy.
3). Early intervention.
4). Educational and school-based therapies.
5). Joint attention therapy.
6 ).Medication treatment.
7). Nutritional therapy.
8). Occupational therapy.
9). Educational Library
10). Physical Fitness Activities.
11). Speech Pathology
12). On-Site Medical Staff
13). AUTISM Parent Support Groups.
14). Child Care Services (Catered to A.S.D. Children)
15). The One Spectrum at a time Program
16). Community Programs (Financial Crisis Assistance)
17). Benefits Counseling for both Children and Adults on the Spectrum.
18). Trained Child Care facilities
19). Transportation Services and much much more...
This center will be dedicated to serving individuals who suffer with the mysteries of AUTISM. This ride will take place Saturday April 4th, 2015. In honor of AUTISM AWARENESS MONTH and those of us who live on the spectrum. We are asking ALL!!! who read this to Sponsor, Contribute, Donate, Volunteer and/or participate PLEASE SUPPORT!!! The Conner C. Vernon Foundation Center, as this could be you and/or I, or any of our children



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