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Mission Statement

To improve the quality of life of the lower socio-economic population by identifying needs and linking services provided by governmental and private agencies.


Proyecto La Nueva Esperanza, Inc. is a non-profit institution that is part of the Antonio Badillo Hernández Presbyterian Church mission in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. The institution serves a very special community with social problems such as: drug abuse, alcohol, poverty, unschooled and unemployment, among others. In Proyecto La Nueva Esperanza, Inc., offers food service to these elderly people, that is, having low economic resources nor relatives during weekends and holidays. It provides food for forty-five elders referred by the San Antonio Elderly People Center, as well as doctors and other public and private agencies that know about this service. These meals are delivered directly to their homes, serves in plastic containers ready to eat. The project is the only institution that provides this service and has been operating for twelve years. Being aware that these elders need much more than food, we increase this service providing preventive health care as well as preventing crisis of their chronic illnesses for a better life. Two nurses visiting the forty-five homes of these elderly community once a week as a follow up for their diabetic conditions, hypertension among other serious health problems as a preventive and needed measure. Constantly we receive new participants who need our help. Now we want to extend the Health Program to homeless candidates providing health services to them in a dispensary in Proyecto La Nueva Esperanza, Inc. We have partnership with Elderly Center in San Antonio and HUD Program in Family Department. Provide in home health services to elderly people, health services in the Proyecto Nueva Esperanza, Inc., infirmary people in risk of being homeless, and also provide food for both populations. In-home health services is a continuous one, expanding services with an infirmary where people in risk of being homeless, drug addicts or alcoholics can receive health services. These people will be receiving health services in the Proyecto La Nueva Esperanza, Inc. facilities.

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