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Mission Statement

Mission :

The mission of the Luster Learning Foundation is to enhance public education by training, motivating and supporting teachers and other education personnel to use mind-body techniques with students in the classroom and throughout the school to significantly improve social and emotional learning, health and overall life skills.

The Luster Learning Foundation currently provides services and products to teachers, school administrators, school support staff and parents with children in either public or private primary and secondary schools in the state of Illinois but primarily within 100 miles of Highland Park. Illinois. The organization provides on-site training programs, implementation consulting services, instructional manuals and teaching aids that support the effective accomplishment of our goals.

All of our programs use the following researched based mind-body techniques:

· Breathing and relaxation exercises

· Mental focusing and concentration training

· Controlled physical movements and stretching

Regular use of these techniques in K-12 schools has been proven to reduce stress, disruptive behavior, and lack of emotional control within students and teachers. Staff and students have been empowered to be healthy, focused, academically motivated, peaceful and respectful.


The vision of the Foundation is to provide every primary and secondary school in the United States with our services.

We will continue to actively focus our efforts within 100 miles of Highland Park as we expand our infrastructure and refine our programs during the next 12 to 60 months. As ancillary opportunities will be evaluated that may arise which are more than 100 miles from Highland Park. The Foundation's activities will generate sufficient net revenues to financially support its growth and to attract and keep highly qualified professionals employed at all levels of the organization.

Initial funding for the development of program design, marketing materials, training manuals and all other expansion costs for the next 24 months of operations will be obtained from various foundations, individual contributors, and clients who are located in the Chicago area.


The Luster Learning Institute (LLI), a non-for-profit organization, has created a curriculum and training program that empowers kindergarten through 12 th grade school leaders and faculty to facilitate a highly organized system of researched based techniques that have been shown to reduce stress, disruptive behavior, and lack of emotional control. Staff and students will be empowered to be healthy, focused, academically motivated, peaceful and respectful.



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