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Mission Statement

Friends House is a Continuing Care Retirement Community which provides a place to live and appropriate supports in a manner consistant with Quaker testimonies and Quaker practice. The following piece provides a good overview of our oriention.

What's it like to live in a Friends community? Well, first it's friendly. Friends value personal relationships, and personal space, and they don't like institutions very much. They like places that are comfortable where you can talk, read, or just sit around like you're at home, because you are. Friends are liberal which really means open...they listen but don ’ t judge. Everybody's welcome. Everybody's got a place, if they want one. Friends love nature, which means you're surrounded by flowers and trees. The gardens are taken care of by people who love them (not just a landscaping company). And Friends value education. They stay connected with the world. So there ’ s a great library, tended just as carefully as the gardens. There are always discussions and workshops; about peace, about the environment, about the world. Friends particularly value the arts, and the community includes writers who write, painters who paint, and singers who sing -- and they all share their work(and you can, too!) . Most of all, Friends value simplicity, so whatever you may do here, and whatever you may need, it will always be done with economy and honesty.


Our volunteers program supports the wide range of events that you'd expect to find in a progressive community. Volunteers may help with ongoing activities such Gardening, Arts, Singing, Library, Floral Arrangement, Elephant Shop,and Bingo, or may be involved with special events, including concerts, nature walks, lectures, social action, and such things.

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