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Mission Statement

To empower incarcerated men, women, and children with tools to make positive decisions so they may successfully return to society.


Getting Out by Going In (GOGI) is a positive cultural movement.

The current prison system is overwhelmed and top-down methods haven't worked. GOGI is created BY prisoners, FOR prisoners, and with our bottom-up approach we're spreading virally and organically all over the world.

Prisoners identified tools they could use to make positive decisions and now they live The GOGI Way.

Notable Facts:

-GOGI works for everyone regardless of age, race, sex, gender, preference, or religious offiliation.

-The GOGI Tools for Positive Decision-Making are backed by strong psychological methods and practices, over a decade of hands-on research has gone into creating these tools.

-GOGI is non-religous, you don't have to believe in a higher power to practice GOGI. We are working on courses such as GOGI for Christians, GOGI for Muslims, etc...because there is a high demand.

-GOGI was selected by the Winston Churchill Foundation as the most effective prison program in the United States, it has since been requested and brought to Northern Ireland.

-GOGI is a consultant for the United Nations on the topic of prison reform.

GOGI is run on a model of 100% volunteerism, we are always in need of talented people such as yourself who go out of their way to be helpers. If you are interested in GOGI, and think you may have a skill set that could help, please don't hesitate to email our volunteer coordinator: assist@gettingoutbygoingin.org



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by Volunteer C. (Administrator for this Organization) (2016-07-01 11:21:32.0)
I've been volunteering with GOGI for over eight months, there is really no experience like it! At first I was standoffish because I hadn't had any experience working with prisoners, but I very quickly realized this is a great way to make the world a more powerful, productive, and positive place. I get to use my passion to grow my skill sets (in this case video production and psychology), so I would highly recommend GOGI to anyone interested in being part of an awesome cultural movement.