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Mission Statement

1. Empoer women,youth,and elderly people to integrate into mainstream American Society.

2.To Preserve,promote,and to create an understanding among different ethnic gropus in the society.

3. To fascilitate the ESL/Civics classess to elderly people,people with no or little English.

4.To mobilize our people by conducting different cultural programs,sports,and social programs.

5. To help each other in need; collecting memberships contributions that can be used for cremation expences when people die.

6.To organize seminars,and workshops about legal binding,and helth benifits,and challenges.

7.To engage our people as mush as possible in different activities to minimize the possible stress they may have


We were resettled in Harrisburg starting from 2008,and now the population is over five thousands only in Harrisburg.The population is increasing everyday. About 80% of our elderly population are illiterate,and never been educated about the technology,systems,diverse culture,and legal system of this great nation. This may zeopardize them in any time. We are therefore,organized to act as a moderator to decrease all this possible disasters that may come in future.

Primary goal is to establish a community center where all groups of people can come together,share their sorrow and pains to their fellow refugees.Suicidal cases among the refugee population is increasing every year,and we would lide to decrese this trend by reaching to our people to find their needs or problems. To achieve this,we need a common center where we can gather our people everyday,talk in their own language,have fun,and decrese their stress.Same time,they may share any problems they may have to the people who they trust.

We are hard working people,and we have got a great credit from US government,and its people.We would like to give it back by educating our people about how can we be a great resource for this country as a true citizens.

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