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Mission Statement

The Gerry Martin Project (TGMP) is a conservation entrepreneurship, which is focused on demonstrating that one can make a living out of responsible conservation based business and service.

Bringing together skills in wildlife rescue, education and training, TGMP works concertedly at developing umbrella solutions for communities living in or near rural and wilderness areas.

We follow a philosophy that is engaging, inclusive and staunchly pragmatic, based on the needs and demands of rural communities. We strive to establish self-sustainability in all our work and projects so as not to create a dependence on external agencies. To this end, TGMP raises its own funds through ecological services, rigidly responsible eco-tourism, school camps and consultancies.


TGMP believes in facilitating exposure to all kinds of wildlife in order to raise awareness of the issues facing the natural world. Through TGMP volunteers can gain unique experiences and interactions with all forms of wildlife from the very biggest, through to the smallest; recognising the role each plays within their ecosystem.

As a volunteer, you will have the opportunity to not just passively observe the natural world, but to make your contribution to ensuring its survival.

Above all things TGMP is a conservation organisation. Conservation can be found at the heart of each of our projects, expeditions, workshops and programs.

Conservation is the responsibility of everybody and through a TGMP volunteering experience, expedition or program you will be able to help us effect positive change through education, human-wildlife conflict mitigation and the protection of habitat.

TGMP believes that education is the most powerful tool to effect positive change. By participating in a TGMP experience you will both enjoy and help provide educational opportunities.

By working alongside communities you will engage in cultural exchanges, share ideas and create infrastructure, which not only contributes to the conservation work, but also enables you to develop a diverse range of skills



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