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Mission Statement

Youth Ministry Entertainment is a Community Outreach Organization that specializes in empowering youth & young adults by equipping them with life skills and the necessary resources that will allow them to achieve their dreams & goals in life. We believe in "Training Up Our Youth" by means of "Educational Entertainment." Simply put, we are in the business of Igniting Dreams and Building Outstanding Leaders!!!


For 4 years now, we have been effectively impacting the youth and the community in the Richmond area with a very low budget. The youth visit the elderly, serve at food pantries, and participate in litter pick up through our Community Service Program. We also host a Free "Stop The Violence" Empowerment Concert & Skate Party for Teens four times per year, along with an interactive After School & Summer Program Mon-Fri all year round.

Community Service Program:

We have the youth visiting the elderly, serving at the food pantry, and participating in litter pick-up through our Community Service Program. These activities teach them appreciation & responsibility and instills leadership & strong work ethics.

Stop The Violence Program:

We have a Stop The Violence Program called Swaggavation. Swaggavation is a combination of two words. Swagg means style & confidence. Motivation means to inspire or influence someone to act. When you combine the two, you get "Swaggavation!"It means "Motivating Others To Have A Positive SWAGG!"

We host these Free Stop The Violence Empowerment Concerts & Skate Parties for Teens 4 times per year. We address bullying, sexting, negative peer-pressure, gang violence, anger management, suicide, dating violence, and things of that nature. The whole purpose of Swaggavation is to reduce crime & violence and unite teens. We focus on teaching strategies on how to handle problems without resorting to violence. This powerful movement will effect youth & young adults worldwide as a positive epidemic! Just imagine millions of young people walking around the world with a positive swag wearing Swaggavation T-Shirts, Back-Packs, and Wrist Bands! Powerful Isn’t It?? Become a part of the movement. www.swaggavation.com.

Also, we have a Swaggavation internet radio show every Thursday night from 7:30-8:30pm on www.repnvairadio.com. We discuss issues that young people deal with while promoting positive artist and positive hip-hop music. We have over 30,000 listeners and we welcome new sponsorships. Make Sure You Tune In!

After School & Summer Program:

Our interactive After School & Summer Program is filled with lots of learning activities as well as fun outings. The learning activities cover Homework Tutoring, Arts & Crafts, Reading Time, Healthy Relationships, Violence Prevention, Bullying & Peer Pressure Awareness, Life Skills, Nutrition & Fitness Classes, Wood Shop, Entrepreneurship & Career Development, Aids & STD Prevention, Spiritual Character Development, etc.

Our outings are to places like the Library, Kings Dominion, Hadads Lake, Fishing, Skating, Swimming, Museums, Bowling, Recording Studio, etc.



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