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Mission Statement

Central South Dakota Retired Senior Volunteer Program is committed to improving lives, strengthening communities and fostering civic engagement through service and volunteering.


Retired Senior Volunteer Program is one of the largest volunteer efforts in the nation. All RSVP programs are under the Corporation for National and Community Service.

RSVP is at it’s core a coordinating agency encouraging the support of other non-profit agencies. Work stations cannot be sectarian or political in nature, and the only acceptable profit making organizations are licensed, proprietary health care facilities. Many of the services volunteers provide at non-profit agencies, schools and other programs can extend, enrich, and supplement basic services. Many of these groups would not be able to exist without volunteers.

By working together, we can improve the quality of life for people of all ages. As you become more involved with RSVP, we hope you will share the program with other eligible persons and encourage them to join RSVP. RSVP projects link the skills of the volunteers with identified community needs. The volunteers determine how many hours a week they can serve.

A volunteer work station is a public agency, private non-profit organization or healthcare agency that accepts the responsibility for assignment and supervision of the RSVP volunteers.

These work stations are expected to provide orientation, supervision and support to all volunteers, and a safe work environment. Contact the RSVP office for information regarding their relationship with the RSVP volunteers.

Senior Corps Pledge

I will get things done for America - to make our people safer, smarter, and healthier. When faced with a pressing challenge, I will bring Americans of all generations together to strengthen our communities. When faced with children at risk, I will help them stay in school and on track for a brighter future. When faced with older adults in need, I will provide support and compassion so they may age with grace and dignity. Working for the greatest good, I will use my lifetime of experiences to improve my country, my community, and myself through service. I am a Senior Corps RSVP volunteer, and I will get things done.

The RSVP Advisory Council exists to assist the RSVP staff by providing advice and support in the formulation of local policy, planning and development of procedures consistent with program policies. The Council assists in promoting community support for the project, advises on personnel actions affecting volunteers and staff, and assists in developing local financial and in-kind resources. The Advisory Council meets five times per year. The 15 member Council represents various components of the community as well as volunteers from the RSVP program itself.

The Central SD RSVP of Pierre program was started in 1995. RSVP is an organization of retired and semi-retired men and women aged 55 and over who have chosen to include volunteerism as a part of their daily routine.

RSVP provides a variety of volunteer opportunities for these persons which may enable them to participate more fully in the life of their community. In addition to providing needed community support, RSVP seeks to offer continued opportunities for growth, education, socialization and community improvement.

Volunteer Responsibilities

  • Be on time at each assignment.
  • Be willing to accept orientation or training to better prepare you for your assigned task.
  • Practice discretion and confidentiality of people and places where you volunteer.
  • Notify the workstation if you will be absent.
  • Provide adequate notice when terminating the position and notify RSVP staff.
  • Ask questions if in doubt.
  • Understand the function of the paid staff and establish a working relationship with them.
  • Remain in the boundary of your assignment.
  • Obtain a signature on your timesheet from a work station supervisor or staff member.
  • When there is an issue between a work station and a volunteer, the person who has the issue shall to go the immediate work station supervisor first. If the issue is not resolved, the person shall then contact RSVP staff to determine further action.
  • And, most importantly, please have fun, meet new people, and develop new skills.

Reporting Volunteer Hours

It is essential that the RSVP Project Director accurately record volunteer hours contributed by our RSVP members on a monthly basis. These hours are used to make quarterly reports and are presented to Congress, and local agencies to demonstrate the contribution volunteers are making in the community.

Timesheets are mailed monthly to each volunteer unless you select to enter hours online. Once completed, timesheets may be mailed to our office, or brought into our office.

Volunteers may choose to enter their hours online on the RSVP website. To enter hours online, go to www.rsvpsd.org.

Select "forms". Select "post hours".

Enter username (first and last name, no spaces).

Enter password (is the word password).

Select OK. Select the worksite.

Enter your hours. Select OK.

Tips--When you perform a volunteer service, record on a calendar the time spent, the type of service that was done and the number of people helped. At the end of the month transfer these numbers to your official time sheet. Sign your timesheet each month and have a station supervisor sign your time sheet for each volunteer station at which you work. Signatures are not required when entering hours online.

You may not record hours served for any church work other than when it benefits community projects, assisting with political activities, services for which you are paid, and/or services for relatives.

RSVP Benefits include supplemental insurance for all enrolled RSVP volunteers. Areas of coverage include personal liability, accident, and excess liability. This insurance does not duplicate benefits payable under Medicare or any other valid and collectible insurance coverage. In case of an accident, call the RSVP office, 224-3337. A claim form will be sent to you to be completed and returned to the RSVP office. Include all bills and a statement of Medicare, if you are enrolled in Medicare. Each member is covered by the plan from the time you leave home until you return home again. Brochures with complete information on all insurance coverage are available.

A monthly newsletter is mailed or emailed to all active members and is featured on our website. This publication informs members of all program activities, new volunteer opportunities and upcoming events as well as special features and announcements. Work stations may contact the RSVP office at 224-3456 with volunteer opportunities.

A weekly update is emailed to all active members who provide an email address.

A recognition dinner is held in the spring to recognize and thank volunteers for their dedication to volunteer service. It’s a great time to socialize with other volunteers and staff.

Volunteers receive a birthday card on their special day.

RSVP provides a name badge for volunteers to wear at the work station.

RSVP Funding

Corporation for National and Community Service

Avera St. Mary’s Hospital and Foundation

City of Pierre, City of Fort Pierre

City of Winner, Tripp County

SD Community Foundation

Pierre-Ft. Pierre Rotary Club and Zonta Club

Local Donations

Central SD RSVP is a partner agency

with Capital Area United Way.





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