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Mission Statement

Safe Harbor of Northeastern Kentucky is an emergency shelter and advocacy center that provides free confidential, caring and supportive services to all domestic violence and sexual assault victims in Boyd, Greenup, Carter, Lawrence and Elliott counties. Through the use of resources, education, counseling and advocacy, Safe Harbor provides a safe place for you to consider the impact domestic violence is having upon you and your family.


Emergency Shelter :

Safe Harbor provides temporary emergency shelter for victims of domestic violence and their children.

Transitional Housing:

Safe Harbor provides transitional housing services, for victims of domestic violence and their children who need more than a 30 day stay in our Emergency Shelter Program. Program participants residing in Safe Harbor's Transitional Housing Program typically stay for two months or up to one year, as needed. Transitional Housing Services include: intensive life skills education, post-secondary education and job training services and referrals, parenting education, drug and alcohol counseling, program mentorship for families entering into emergency shelter, long-term counseling and domestic violence support group involvement.

24 Hour Crisis Line:

Safe Harbor operates a confidential domestic violence crisis hotline, 24 hour/ 7 days a week. Callers receive domestic violence counseling, agency information, community referrals, and general admission procedures to the shelter.

Food, Clothing & Furniture Assistance :

Each day, Safe Harbor provides three well-balanced meals along with two snacks to all families residing in Safe Harbor's emergency shelter and transitional housing programs. Upon departure, Safe Harbor distributes food baskets to families along with gently used furniture as donated by the community and also operates two clothing closets for families in need.

Case Management Services:

Under the direction of case management staff, Safe Harbor's team of caseworkers, provides residents with case management services. Operating under the empowerment model, Safe Harbor assists victims with the development of service plans empowering victims to self-sufficiency and a life free from abuse. Staff work with residents individually and in group settings to achieve daily goals. Weekly case review meetings are held with Safe Harbor case manager, client services director, case worker and client to ensure each families success within Safe Harbor's program.

Counseling Services:

Safe Harbor's therapist provides free counseling services to all shelter residents and non-residential victims of domestic violence throughout Safe Harbor's FIVCO Area Development District.

Follow-Up/Continuum of Care Services:

Upon departure from Safe Harbor's emergency and/or transitional housing programs, Safe Harbor provides continuum of care and follow-up assistance programming to survivors of domestic violence. Activities include, weekly phone follow-ups, in home visits (upon the request of the client / living independently from abuser), monthly newsletter mailings, support group programming and recreational activities promoting a supportive continuation of Safe Harbor programs.

Housing Counseling:

Through the use of the Kentucky Homeless and Housing Program, Safe Harbor utilizes AmeriCorps volunteers to provide on-site housing counseling assistance and housing education programs to families residing in Safe Harbor's emergency and transitional housing programs. AmeriCorps housing counselors work individually with residents to achieve permanent housing accommodations, provide housing counseling referrals, housing education and often times mediate tenant/landlord relationships. Housing counselors teach money management, budgeting and self-sufficiency skills, while seeking financial resources for families in need.

Information & Referral Services:

Safe Harbor switchboard operators and case management staff assist callers and Safe Harbor residents in locating community resources for financial aid, employment, permanent housing, medical care and many miscellaneous needs.

Children's Program :

While in shelter, Safe Harbor provides children services programs by providing daily age-appropriate recreational activities, child intake assessments, day care assistance and referrals, children's counseling, safety planning and various youth directed activities.

Victim Advocacy Services :

Under the grants management division of the state Victims of Crime Act (VOCA), Safe Harbor provides victim advocacy services to victims of domestic violence throughout the FIVCO ADD District in emergency protective order proceedings, emergency and hospital settings and outreach assistance programs

Domestic Violence Support Groups :

Safe Harbor provides domestic violence education and weekly domestic violence support groups for non-residential victims of domestic violence in Boyd, Greenup, Carter, and Lawrence & Elliott Counties.

Outreach Services :

Safe Harbor provides outreach and/or satellite services throughout the FIVCO ADD District. Outreach programming includes: non-residential counseling and advocacy services, domestic violence support groups, agency information and community referrals. Outreach staff provides daily outreach office hours throughout local communities while providing victim call-out services for local emergency rooms, local service agencies and the Cabinet for Families and Children.

Community Awareness :

Under the direction of the community services coordinator, Safe Harbor provides general domestic violence education and annual domestic violence awareness campaigns to the general public. Activities include: Safe Harbor information booths, awareness campaigns, media promotions, public events and general fundraising activities. Safe Harbor's community services coordinator, under the direction of Safe Harbor's executive director, serves as the agency spokesperson.

Domestic Violence Professional Training Initiatives :

As mandated by the Commonwealth, Safe Harbor is the FIVCO region's public entity and clearinghouse which provides professional expertise and domestic violence education, community resources and serves local service providers and other social and governmental organizations, residing within the district. Routinely, Safe Harbor provides quality domestic violence training programs to area system providers such as law enforcement, judicial systems and health care professionals.

Domestic Violence School Prevention Programming :

Safe Harbor outreach staff work in various school districts throughout the service region teaching domestic violence prevention programming to students in elementary, middle and high school settings. Programs include: "Hands are not for Hitting," "10 Better Things to do Instead of Hitting," "Bullying," "Dangerous Dating Relationships" and "Days of Respect."

Volunteer Services :

Volunteers and practicum student internships are an invaluable asset to Safe Harbor's program. They assist staff in various service areas, enhancing the quality of programming available to families residing within the shelter.

Safe Harbor's Candle Cottage Industry :

To promote innovative home business and self reliance initiatives while funding much needed victim service programs, Safe Harbor initiates its own self-supporting candle cottage industry. Especially handcrafted by families, staff and volunteers of the shelter, Safe Harbor produces and markets its own candle products for sale to the general public. All proceeds benefit Safe Harbors' Victim Services Fund, helping many residents with housing and utility deposits, car repairs, medicines and wide array of miscellaneous needs.



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