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Mission Statement

The purpose of HSNM is to educate its members and others concerning Humanist ideals and approaches to solving social and environmental problems.

Our mission is to develop programs that will offset the influence of religious beliefs and practices, so that more people will accept common goals for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This is predicated on the observation that most religions have imposed myth and superstition, violence, constraints on liberty, and misery since the beginning of recorded history. Science and reason, on the other hand, have gained increasing value as the basis for improving the human condition through education and applied science.


Humanism is a way of life based on the application of scientific skepticism and free inquiry -rather than religion - to the resolution of human problems. It is inspired by natural beauty and human artistic expression. It is guided by the ethical principles of personal integrity, responsibility, and compassion, and the social principles of liberty, equality, minority rights, justice under law, and environmental responsibility. Humanism recognizes that our values come from our human nature, our various cultures, and our personal experiences, rather than divine revelation.



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Would you recommend Humanist Society of New Mexico?

by Magda T. from albuquerque, NM (2009-01-29 12:21:01.0)
I would recommend your organization because I believe your basic principals and beliefs. As we focus inwards towards ourselves, as opposed to outside influences such as religion, we can begin to truly learn who we are as individuals and begin to take responsibility for our actions and shortcomings. From experience we can learn to create our own beliefs based on responsibility, compassion and integrity which, in my opinion, come naturally once we accept ourselves and establish a true identity. I am very interested in learning more about your organization and look forward to speaking with you soon. Thank you, Magda