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Mission Statement

Promote and implement Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR)
Gain and maintain the support of local governments and the communities they serve for TNR as the only proven method of regional feral cat population management.
Raise public awareness of and involvement with, the issues surrounding feral cat colonies through community education.
Form a cooperative partnership with local Animal Control agencies and shelters in order to facilitate the referral of feral cat complaints, questions, concerns and problems from Animal Control to a coordinated group of volunteer individuals and organizations with the motivation, resources and manpower to address them effectively, efficiently and humanely, primarily through the use of TNR, and when necessary, relocation of entire colonies or parts of colonies.
Perform other services as required to mitigate nuisance behaviors reported to Animal Control to the extent that we are willing, able, qualified and equipped to do so.
Recruit and educate volunteers to carry out the day-to-day operations in support of this mission, including, but not limited to: acting as caregivers for colonies in which TNR has been implemented; maintaining records of feral colony locations, sizes, status and caregivers; answering, addressing and/or redirecting referred complaints, questions, concerns and problems involving feral cat colonies; trapping and transporting cats from colony sites to spay/neuter clinics and back.
Raise funds through grants, donations or other means to cover expenses incurred in carrying out this mission, to the extent that it is not subsidized by public funding provided by local government(s) or government agencies.


Shadow Cat Advocates is involved with community cats in many ways. We tra, neuter and return feral cats in the Stafford, Spotsylvania and Fredericksburg area. We also adopt out friendly cats we find and socialize kittens so they can find forever homes. We vet ill or injured cats and feed our feral colonies daily.


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