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Mission Statement

Taking Steps Together

Mission, Vision, Values

Core Purpose

To help individuals and families gain and practice the skills they need to live healthier lives.


We see a healthier world where obesity in both adults and children is significantly reduced and where prevention is the main form of treatment.


We help obese children and their families achieve healthy lifestyles through education and practice.


Life-Long Learning

Our goal is to alter the lives of those who participate. Fun and delicious are our hallmarks. We strive to create experiences and share information that permanently change the way participants live because they value the results it brings.


We embrace the cultural and economic differences of those who partake whether as participants, volunteers or staff. Each brings perspectives and experiences that enrich the program and broaden our understanding

Sound Practices

We embrace reliable teaching methods and proven evaluation techniques by partnering with experts to deliver an effective program with measureable results at a reasonable cost.


Taking Steps Together (TST) is a nutrition and healthy lifestyle education program for families who are living with or are concerned about childhood obesity. Through weekly goal-setting, families will work toward healthy lifestyle changes. Families will share their experiences, learn from each other and contribute to the growth of the program.

Families are referred by their primary care provider within the Hennipen County Medical Center (HCMC) system in Minneapolis, MN. Classes are facilitated by pediatric and nutrition health professionals in English and Spanish. Through 17-week long courses, families learn how to be more active, prepare and eat healthier foods, and enjoy family time. We are thrilled the data show our program works!



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Average Review 2 reviews

Would you recommend Taking Steps Together?

by Grant L. (2011-02-01 15:28:29.0)
While some volunteer opportunities become another obligation you must fit into your weekly schedule, Taking Steps Together has become something I look forward to every week. The staff members and other volunteers are great to work with, the activities are fun and enriching, and there are plenty of learning/leadership opportunities. The best part of TST, however, is the amount of fun you have just being around the kids and their families. It is a pretty special experience when both you and the kids are genuinely having fun together by just playing physically active games. Also, the parents are happy to be there and are both willing and able to learn the material presented in class. As a volunteer, is very gratifying knowing that your efforts are not only being reciprocated, but are bringing about a positive change in people's lives.
by Dane S. (2011-01-27 20:10:34.0)
As its name would suggest, Taking Steps Together (TST) isn't just about helping out families, but working with families to realize health goals. TST welcomes anybody who can get people active while having fun, and you can learn a lot yourself from the nutrition discussions.