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1033 La Posada Drive, Suite 307Austin, TX 78752 United States

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We work to raise awareness and skills that foster digital equity and inclusion for people with disabilities.


Knowbility provides advocacy, education, and training in pursuit of the mission of equal access to digital technology. Knowbility is a leader in ensuring equal access to the communications tools that are required for all people to access education, employment, and social opportunities. Assistive technologies and workforce needs have created unprecedented potential for people with disabilities to live independently. This potential can only be realized, however, as the technology is made fully accessible to people who use assistive technology or adaptive strategies when they access the web. Knowbility's programs are innovative, entrepreneurial efforts to raise awareness and leverage community resources to deliver training, education, and employment opportunity to youth and adults with disabilities.


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by Bianca B. from Austin, TX (February 10, 2009)
Knowbility is unique in that their programs benefit both volunteers and participants. They are a rare organization where what you learn as a volunteer translates directly into job skills worth thousands of dollars, and a bonus of helping people with disabilities use the web. The staff is known internationally for their expertise and the events are well-organized and fun. Volunteering with Knowbility is always a chance to learn something new that benefits an under-served community.
by Judy W. from Austin, TX (February 3, 2009)
Knowbility helped our small performing arts orginzation transform our website ( into a beautiful, accessible website! They are great to work with, and we've all learned much about the need for accessibility on the web.
by John P. from Austin, TX (February 3, 2009)
Knowbility is doing one of the coolest things on the planet - forging an accessible internet one site at a time, while providing new websites to nonprofits, artists and musicians *and* teaching developers how to seamlessly integrate accesibility into their designs. You will meet cool people, help a number of different groups in very measurable ways, and learn a lot in the process.
by Sheena H. (February 3, 2009)
Knowbility has a vital mission in this digital age. They are fun to work with and care a great deal.
by Amy G. (February 3, 2009)
Knowbility's mission is to promote universal access to technology, which is increasingly vital -- not just to people with physical disabilities, but to everyone -- as the technology we use to access the Web rapidly changes. Knowbility's programs such as AIR-Interactive are wonderful, win-win experiences: developers are given free accessibility training, which enables us to go out and act as accessibility advocates in the community; participating non-profits get a free (accessible) Web site; and everyone gets a wonderful interpersonal experience. (My team's client from the 2007 competition is now a close friend.) I highly recommend AIR-Interactive and Knowbility's training sessions. Also, the annual Access U conference sponsored by Knowbility is an invaluable resource for those wanting to improve their knowledge of and skills with accessible technology.
by Laurie P. from Austin, TX (February 3, 2009)
Knowbility brings the necessity and need of accessibility to the world! AIR programs (where I first began volunteering) ignite the passion of making the world an even platform for all people to communicate and share resources in the non-profit world, a place that often has "fall through the cracks" resources may be available to assist someone but if one cannot access the information, what's the point??? The camaraderie and purpose as well as the shared vision are all great, but the fun is the best part! These are GREAT people! Even if you can't be there in person (which you really must experience!) get involved and see what AIR does for you and...the WORLD! Also see the ATSTAR program on the website and be the first to know how this can change the world for educators and students!
by Jayne C. from Cornelius, OR (February 3, 2009)
Knowbility's Accessibility Internet Rallies (AIR) are the BEST volunteering events I have ever been to, and have ramifications that go so far beyond the day of the event. AIR events are soooooooooo much fun, and not only do the nonprofits get beautiful web sites, the corporate volunteers and professional designers walk away with a new mindset about technology accessibility, and that awareness continues in their day-to-day work. Nothing speaks more strongly about just how wonderful this event is than when you see how many volunteers return again and again and again, year after year. Knowbility does so much more than AIR regarding advocacy for tech accessibility, but AIR is definitely my favorite.

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