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Mission Statement

Women's Earth Alliance (WEA) invests in grassroots women's leadership to drive solutions to our most pressing ecological concerns - water, food, land, and climate.

Our work is not charity. Instead, we link women who are already established as community leaders with the resources, trainings, funding, and partnerships they need to build self-reliant, environmentally sustainable, and healthy communities. WEA believes that when women thrive, communities, the environment, and future generations thrive.


Our Vision
We foresee a world in which women powerfully participate in the development of global sustainability--thereby reducing poverty, encouraging democracy, promoting peace, and enhancing the social and environmental health of the planet.

Our Values
:: The world needs women’s leadership. Women’s full participation is essential for achieving lasting ecological transformation and human rights.
:: Women use resources wisely. Women often manage natural and financial resources for the good of the community, and with an eye on future generations.
:: The ripple effect is real. Women empower their families, communities and networks with knowledge and resources that multiply.
:: Solutions cannot be imposed. Communities know how to manage their lands, resources and economies; our job is to listen and respond appropriately.
:: We need a shift in power. Social and economic justice require a redistribution of decision-making power.

Our Strategies
Training and Knowledge-Sharing:
Alongside international and local partners, WEA has co-coordinated a number of training programs in Sub-Saharan Africa, India, and the United States. Learn more about these trainings aimed at fostering women's environmental leadership.

Grantmaking: WEA’s Global Grantmaking provides flexible grants to grassroots women-led initiatives around the world that are taking a courageous stand to protect their rights to a safe and thriving environment.

Advocacy and Research:
WEA coordinated a national network of pro-bono attorneys with grassroots women for collaboration on legal action to protect indigenous lands from 2007 to 2014. Now WEA engages this network for specific research and advocacy initiatives.

Connecting and Weaving: The WEAving the Worlds Program connects, educates, and inspires members of WEA’s alliance through local events, educational programs, online channels, and exchange trips.



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