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Mission Statement

The mission of 1+1+1=ONE is to use Arts Based Civic Transformation to empower individuals, communities, and societies in affecting positive social change.• Through rigorous training and development we strengthen individual's internal resources thereby giving them greater capacity to lead and affect social change.• Through outreach and education we facilitate the creation of networks and collaborations that leverage the best knowledge, skills, and resources individuals and communities have to create a more just, harmonious and sustainable world.• Through advocacy and recognition, we promote new models of bold, courageous, and empowered leadership by honoring the often overlooked contributions individuals make to their respective communities and to society as a whole.


Who We Serve
1+1+1=ONE serves and is committed to individuals and communities who seek to use their gifts and talents to create a better world. We especially seek to engage those from the most marginalized communities-immigrants, indigenous, people of color, working poor, and queer.

Current Programs
Our programs include:

• The We Got Issues! (WGI!) Leadership Institute is a transformative leadership development network for young women ages 18-35, WGI!'s mission is to awaken a new brand of feminine centered leadership and social/political activism in America. WGI! holistically engages young women in a rigorous experiential curriculum that incorporates the creation of social/political action projects and campaigns that speak to the hearts, minds and concerns of young women both nationally and abroad.

• The Hip Hop Mental Health Project (HHMHP) is a collaboration with 1+1 and the Department of Psychology at City College (CUNY). HHMHP uses the integration of performing arts and research based dialogue to shift the cultural paradigm of shame and alienation surrounding mental illness and satisfy the Hip Hop community's need for a SAFE place to confront the issue and obtain vital information. HHMHP has a specific commitment to engaging young urban & low income communities of color as they are the most detrimentally affected by the disparities in mental health diagnosis treatment and care.

• Eradicating Racism (ER); a workshop and community dialogue series that engages people in the conversation of privilege, and works toward the elimination of gender and racial oppression.



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