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Mission Statement

Nithyananda Yoga University envisions the creation of a healthy and blissful living community.

To enrich individuals to be in the space of blissful, healthy & powerful; regardless of religion, race, gender or nationality, using the ancient wisdom of eastern science and modern technology so they develop a healthy mind and body, thereby improving their outlook on life, self-respect, self-confidence, which will enable them to reach their highest potential.


Scientific studies show tangible benefits of yoga and meditation. Dr. John Denninger of a Harvard Medical School Teaching Hospital states, "The kinds of things that happen when you meditate do have effects throughout the body, not just in the brain." He is in the midst of a 5- year study further corroborating through neuroimaging and blood test that yoga and meditation may be keys to helping treat modern ailments.

Minimum age of participants is 4 with no maximum age. We can serve disabled people as well. Our services can support and act as an extension of services provided by the Family Services, Drug Court etc. Currently, our plan is to offer the majority of our classes free of charge.

We are confident with our services & contribution to the community, and trust participants will be enriched and they will be grateful for the help they receive.

We offer yoga with family, meditation, life solution classes, games, theater & art. Because children absorb information readily and their minds and bodies are growing rapidly, teaching them healthy living as a natural way of living is critical to them personally and to the future community. We also will be able to offer increasing memory and brain yoga workshops for kids.

We offer classes for youth, pregnant women, athletes and seniors. Besides yoga movements, we will also be focusing on breathing, meditations & kriyas. Kriya is an ancient science of natural healing, combining specific yoga postures & breathing techniques, which aid in prevention and relief of major disorders such as hypertension, obesity, diabetes, women’s health and even cancer. These classes will be offered as needed. We welcome participants and doctors to monitor the programs.

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