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Mission Statement

Goalsof the NEEED Project are tomitigate social, environmental and economic development problems in mid-Missouri through a vigorous pursuit and application of mutually supportive, cutting edge technologies and, with its success, set an example for replication elsewhere.


What is the NEEED Project?

NEEED is an acronym derived from the first letter of the words Nutrition, Energy, Environment and Economic Development. The Project is a charitable, educational and community service organization incorporated in Missouri in January, 2013. It received an IRS 501(c)(3) tax exempt designation in September, 2014.

The NEEED Project pursues four primary objectives. Those are to:

  1. Supplement Nutrition of those in need by operating vegetable gardens that grow produce year-round and donating it to food pantries.

  2. Implement cutting-edge technologies to develop and demonstrate equipment that converts organic waste into Energy and other useful products.

  3. Respond to Environmental concerns by producing and applying a soil amendment that sequesters carbon while reducing use of fossil fuels and enhancing crop yield.

  4. Lay groundwork for Economic Development by demonstrating viability of emerging technologies and teaching volunteers to utilize those technologies.

In addition to its primary objectives, NEEED will induce many spin-off benefits to include:

  1. An opportunity for individuals in all demographic groups to volunteer for a community-wide, humanitarian effort.

  2. Youth participation in a well-structured, adult supervised endeavor.

  3. Exposure to advanced technologies for students of all ages.

  4. Cooperation with schools, colleges, universities, churches, service clubs and individuals who share an interest in objectives outlined herein.

  5. Perpetuation of practical knowledge and wisdom of senior participants.

Increased recycling and decreased landfills. (Seventy-five percent of material going into landfills is organic and may be converted into energy and a useful soil amendment. The NEEED Project will thus become the ultimate recycling program



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