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Mission Statement

Our mission is to improve the lives of companion animals everywhere by any means possible, including rescue, adoption, advocacy, collaboration, intervention and education.


Pets Alive started their mission at the Middletown, NY location over 30 years ago with a woman named Sarah that had such love for the animals that she turned her property into what is now Pets Alive. Check out the story about how Pets Alive began here: Pets Alive Animal Sanctuary.

In 2010 Pets Alive expanded to another location, taking over the Elmsford Animal Shelter in Elmsford, NY. The shelter had housed over 1,100 animals. The conditions were poor and many of the animals were not socialized in positive ways. This resulted in many dogs that were not only afraid of people but aggressive toward them. The behaviors of the dogs were not their fault. They were a result of neglect. Pets Alive knew they had to change this. They knew they could. It would take years to get to the place that they want to be in regard to reducing the amount of animals though adoptions, finding forever homes for seniors, foster homes for hospice animals and fixing the run down facility and old kennels. But, they knew that in time that the place that had a negative reputation in the community would come to have a positive one through their dedication to the animals and efforts to improve their lives.

Pets Alive can proudly say that since 2010 many positive changes have happened. The animals have an excellent quality of life. The population is reduced to fewer than 200 from the 1,100 that were there when Pets Alive came in. Pets Alive turned what was a shelter into a sanctuary. Volunteers and staff walk the dogs every day and spend time with the cats and bunnies. They are all loved.

It has been our goal to provide love and the best quality of life to our animals while matching them with potential adopters that will give them loving, permanent homes. We provide sanctuary, a safe haven, for our animals for as long as necessary. Some of our animals have a more difficult time getting adopted due to age, health or behavioral history. We provide medical treatment with our full time vet staff. Behavioral training is provided to our dogs to help them live the best life possible. Whatever the needs are of our animals, we provide it. We make sure they are loved and life the best life possible.



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