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Mission Statement

To build a local food system that improves the health and economy of the West Oakland community.


People's Grocery is a nonprofit organization, founded in 2002, that develops solutions to the health probĀ­lems in the low-income community of West Oakland that stem from a lack of access and knowledge of healthy, fresh foods. People's Grocery works to increase the community's capacity to achieve self-reliance in meeting its food and nutrition needs, as well as provide meaningful employment and training opportunities for residents.

People's Grocery has received national attention in our efforts to transform inner city food environments and address health and economic disparities in low-income communities. We have built a reputation for integrating outcomes in youth development, nutrition education, sustainable agriculture and social enterprise and have established ourselves as a figure in the field of food security. People's Grocery works towards the following goals:

1. Educate about food systems, sustainable agriculture, cooking, and nutrition.

2. Provide access to locally grown, healthy and affordable foods.

3. Employ and train youth as leaders in the food system and their community.

4. Provide opportunities for employment, training, and business development.

5. Build the capacity to produce food locally through sustainable agriculture.

People's Grocery operates three borad program areas:

1.Urban Agriculture Program: Develops and operates urban gardens and farms that grow food locally, provide hands-on education and create green spaces for environmental stewardship and restoration.

2.Enterprise Development Program: Creates and promotes social enterprise as a means of providing access to healthy foods, creating jobs for residents and providing training for youth.

3.Community Outreach and Education Program: Develops programs that educate residents about healthy eating, nutrition and food justice, and engages youth to break down environmental, social, and economic ties to our food system.



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