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Novi Middle School

Mission Statement

I am not just trying to volunteer because it is one of the missions what school wants me to do. It is just because I want to help and understand others who are in trouble. I want to understand and listen to them what they really need right now so that I can actually help them. And I want to help people in need. I love to help and give them advice. I want to help them to have hope, have dream so that their dreams can come true. I want to help them stay up again even though the situations they force is not well enough. I can courage them and make them happy. I want to be a person who can understand and love people. I want to learn.

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I never experienced anything related to volunteer. I'd never got any chance helping someone. But I really want to help people in need and make them happy. As I said before, in the mission statement, I am not really sure whether I can actually help them or not, but I can try really hard. I will try really hard to help them.

I want to be a doctor, a psychological doctor or something related to n eurological medicine. But I just don't want to be a doctor who can't understand patients' feelings. I want to listen to them and hear them. But I had nothing to do to help them. I had no chance and opportunities were not applied to me. I will try really hard.

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