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Mission Statement

IEDA Relief was founded in 2008 by Mr. Phil Maanulwa, a naturalized U.S. citizen originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Mr. Noel Vayikerye, a Congolese citizen and Phil’s trusted friend. From the onset, Mr. Maanulwa and Mr. Vayikere believed in the objectives of IEDA Relief and worked diligently to allow the organization to come to existence. As a former refugee, Mr. Maanulwa had a first-hand understanding of the plight often endured by fleeing and resettled refugees. IEDA Relief was therefore initially created to alleviate the suffering of refugee populations.


IEDA Relief was registered with the State of Texas in March 2009, and obtained its 501(c) (3) federal tax exemption from the U.S. government in December 2010. After establishing its headquarters in the city of Houston, Texas, IEDA Relief launched its first operations in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), a country that had been experiencing humanitarian and refugee crises since 2006. Since then, IEDA Relief has grown and evolved in a number of remarkable ways:

January 2010
Launch of Haiti operations in response to a devastating 7.0 earthquake

January 2012
Launch of Liberia and Ivory Coast operations to respond to IDP and refugee crises resulting from the outbreak of post-electoral violence in Ivory Coast

February 2012
Launch of Niger operations in response to refugees fleeing conflict in northern Mali

July 2012
Launch of Burkina Faso operations in response to refugees fleeing continued conflict and unrest in northern Mali

February 2013
Launch of Mali operations to assist IDP victims and monitor areas affected by 2012 conflict

June 2013
Launch of US programs to help refugees, new immigrants and other indigent communities in and around Houston

November 2013
Launch of Philippines operations in response to the devastation caused by Typhoon Haiyan

December 2013
Liberia and Ivory Coast offices officially closed following program conclusion

January 2014
IEDA Relief’s regional office for Central and West Africa opens in Dakar, Senegal

April 2014
IEDA Relief’s opens its second US office in Arlington, VA

July 2014
Launch of operations in Central African Republic (CAR) in response to IDP crisis caused by armed conflict in major cities

August 2014
Launch of Cameroon operations to assist refugees fleeing various armed conflicts in neighboring CAR and Nigeria



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by Drissa S. from Bronx, NY (2017-02-08 22:38:58.0)
It was my first experience to work in a ferugee camp in the sahel of Burkina Faso.I have shared more experiences with colleagues and others organisations.I worked on food and non-food distribution service. I have a good skill in camp management. It was very benefict for me because it permitted me to manage our association. I would like to have against these opportunities