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Mission Statement

In order to develop the academic, psychological, and vocational skills of abandoned children living in orphanages, and measure their results with valid academic, psychological, and behavioral metrics, Create Purpose Worldwide is embarking on a long term mission to scale our Purpose Programs to orphanages around the world with a plan to implement after school programs 5 days/week to 2 orphanages in 2015 and 5 orphanages in 2016, serving 300 children in the Baja California region.


Transformative Education for Abandoned Children in Orphanages (TEACO) is an education and behavioral program designed for children living in orphanages. TEACO is based in the teaching methods of Occupational Therapy, Child Psychology, Project-Based Learning, and STEAM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. The program is personalized for each child in conjunction with emotional and behavioral treatment. The pilot program is currently in progress at a Tijuana orphanage with instruction held on weekends. The goal is to gain support for the expansion of the pilot program to take place afterschool Monday through Thursday as well as continue weekend classes.

The vast majority of children in orphanages suffer from a range of trauma related deficiencies stemming from moderate to severe abuse, neglect, abandonment, lack of parental guidance, etc... They are highly susceptible to problems that span mental health issues, cognitive delay, educational underachievement, running away, premature sexual behavior, drug use, violent behavior, criminality, suicidal behaviors, and early death. Furthermore, this population of children often funnels into life-altering circumstances of sexual exploitation, human trafficking, and forced labor than other children. Such "high-risk" children require daily programs of intensive, specialized treatment such as TEACO provided by Create Purpose Worldwide.

The intended beneficiary impact of TEACO will be achieved through the following

interrelated areas of focus:

Emotional and behavioral needs.

Learning and behavioral deficiencies and needs.

Current abilities/life-skills.

Academic ability and school performance.

The above areas are currently assessed for each child. That information will inform the planning and implementation of the proposed weekday program which is personalized group and individual therapy for each child. The program will be developed and implemented through collaboration of multiple professionals involved. Impact will be measured and reported through observational records, children’s journals, pre and post assessments, and academic progress. The goal of the organization is to develop the TEACO program as a template for implementation in as many of the 108 state-registered orphanages in the Tijuana region as practical.


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