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Mission Statement

RabbitMatch, a 501c3 project of SaveOurPlanet.org, is an all-volunteer nonprofit that rehomes house rabbits. They are quiet, litterbox trained, 99% non-allergic and have no animal smell. They're great housemates and a green way to care for homeless animals and save the environment too.


Our wonderful rabbits enjoy human company, are all spayed/neutered, litterbox trained and looking for rabbit-friendly indoor homes.

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RabbitMatch.org is available for adoption or fostering inquiries, quality rabbit information or just to talk 'rabbits'. Volunteers are warmly welcomed.



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Would you recommend RabbitMatch.org?

by Camille C. (2010-12-14 16:50:16.0)
Rabbit Match has been such a fulfilling part of my life. In just a year of volunteering with them, I have fallen in love with rabbits, become an avid advocate of adoptables and have even adopted one of my very own! I look forward to volunteering at the shelter each week and making their lives just a bit better. Aside from the rabbits being fantastic, the women who run Rabbit Match are beyond superb and inspiring. It truly takes a special person to fall in love with rabbits and advocate for them in the way that these women (and men!) do. Engaging, informative, encouraging, supportive and beyond all else, therapeutic are the words I would say sum up my experience with Rabbit Match thus far. I look forward to growing with them and encourage anybody else who is looking for an enriching volunteer experience to 'hop' on it and contact Rabbit Match immediately! Your life will change for the better, as well as the lives of the rabbits.
by Aliza R. from Los Angeles, CA (2009-07-30 21:28:58.0)
The people at Bunny Match truly do what is best for the bunnies! The bunnies are in individual homes with litter boxes, plenty of hay and food. They even have toys to mentally stimulate them in thier homes. They have humans who come to feed them, brush them, and play with them both indoors and out every single day. They have their homes thoroughly cleaned multiple times a week. By thoroughly, everything inside the cage is taken out, cleaned well, and either replaced or tossed. At all of this is done by volunteers! I am so sorry on weeks I cannot come help at Bunny Match!
by Alinda L. from Los Angeles, CA (Administrator for this Organization) (2009-05-19 18:35:15.0)
Once I met the bunnies, it was true love. They are the best fuzzies imaginable. They squash down for pets and eat cilantro out of your hand. When they're out exercising they run and jump and are very happy. This is a great opportunity to love someone who has no one else until RabbitMatch.org finds them a perfect indoor home with loving humans. Oh, and the other volunteers are great too. ; )