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2141 West Shore RdWarwick, RI 02889 United States

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Rhode Island Parrot Rescue, Inc. is an all volunteer 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the rescue rehabilitation of unwanted, abused or abandoned parrots. Our mission is to educate people on the proper care of parrots and parrot-like birds, their specific physical and psychological needs, rescuing companion parrots from harmful or unwanted situations and rehabilitating, when necessary, unwanted, found, or injured naturalized (free-flying) parrots; and offering these birds to qualified homes for adoption.


* Rescue: Birds are surrendered for a variety of reasons. Some come from loving homes and were loved enough to be surrendered. Others have been abused, neglected or their owners have become disinterested. We do not judge anyone who contacts us. We are here to make a positive difference by helping in any way we can.

* Rehabilitation: Upon surrender, each bird is evaluated and encouraged to eat a healthy pellet diet. Often, medical problems need treatment, which is provided by an avian veterinarian.

* Adoption: Birds that have been rehabilitated are available for adoption. We thoroughly screen potential adoptive homes with a detailed application, interviews and home visits before any bird is released. Follow-ups are also required.

* Education Services: One of our most important goals is to educate the public about exotic birds. We are available for on-site seminars and hold customized workshops at our facility.

We are in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Visits are by appointment and we are funded by public and private donations.


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by Kate S. (November 16, 2015)
There is an established routine for bird care which is easy to follow, allows everyone to contribute from their first visit and the birds needs are central to Lazicki's focus. The birds are being attended to by such dedicated volunteers that interacting with them was a real pleasure. I've had birds (parrots) for 22 years yet I still learn from volunteering at Lazicki's, was able to offer a recommendation while being delightfully impressed at the level of care these birds receive. It's rewarding to contribute to this outstanding organization efforts of rescue, rehabilition, education programs and adoption to qualified homes. Lazicki's Bird House and Rescue is a wonderful place to make a difference in the lives of such amazing and intelligent creatures that are more than just their beauty. Come see for yourself!
by Georgette S. (November 14, 2015)
This is a great place to volunteer! If you love birds or even have one, you will learn so much, even if you thought you already knew. A great group of people! We work hard sometimes but have lots if fun too! This is the best opportunity to help a parrot find their forever homes! A great feeling!
by Cheri S. (November 11, 2015)
This is the best possible place to volunteer at. Everyone is super sweet, understanding, and everyone works as a team! The people that volunteer here really care about the birds, and that's the top reasons to volunteer here.
by Brian W. (November 8, 2015)
My experience has been wonderful with Lazicki's in every single way. Began volunteering probably over a month now, initially just because I've had an interest in birds my entire life especially larger species. When I was young my step father was always against the idea of having a parrot so was really excited to eventually try and adopt a larger parrot from the rescue. The support I received from the main staff at the rescue has been truly amazing. Currently have a certified search and rescue canine along with a few other dogs so my background has always been training something with four legs. After volunteering for a few weeks I fell in love with this organization and the people who work so hard to rehome these amazing animals. My core volunteer for the day I currently work on pushed me towards putting in an application even if I wasn't sure on the parrot. Few short days after he chose me a beautiful guy named Tango. Would encourage anyone to volunteer here maybe give a forever home.
by Dana P. (September 25, 2015)
The toughest part of volunteering at Lazicki's is when my shift ends and I have to say to our feathered friends, "good night."
by John R. (September 24, 2015)
This is a great place to volunteer. It is great to work with the birds and with the other people. I like interacting with the birds, but there are many other tasks to do here if you are not sure about exotic birds, yet. I drive over two hours to get here, but it is worth the trip. The people are great and caring. You'll meet great people and great birds, here.
by Michelle J. (April 25, 2015)
Being part of such an amazing team of people is such a blessing in my life. The birds that we care for are just so loved and part of all of our hearts. We all form a bond with each and every bird we take care of. To see a bond form with a potential adopter and assist through out adoption process, knowing you are making a match between bird and human is just the most rewarding feeling in the world. We are all part of aa family and the birds are the bond that keeps us together.
by Rachel A. from FALL RIVER, MA (April 25, 2015)
February of 2014 my life changed and for the better. I started volunteering here then and the relationships that are built with this amazing group of people is beautiful in its self but it's not just that, that keeps me going back. It's the love,care and same mission to provide a safe sanitary living situation and find the best possible homes for these gorgeous birds. The amount of education you receive from just coming in to help is unbelievable and also offer classes and someone is always there to answer any questions. I love love love coming here it's my stress relief, therapy in a way. I look forward to the growth and ambition we all have and can't wait to cross all the bridges to a brighter future for us all here at Lazicki's (that including our fids to). The sky is the limit and with the wings we have we can fly high.
by Lynn M. (April 25, 2015)
I have been a volunteer at Lazicki's since November 2014. I have had such a great experience, learned so many new things and have met some of the nicest, most compassionate people. The amount of time, love and devotion and the level of care given to the birds at the rescue is amazing! I am so proud to be part of this organization!
by Nicole D. (April 25, 2015)
Lazicki's Bird House and Rescue is an one in a million place to volunteer. As a volunteer, not only have I gotten to work with amazing birds and find them forever homes, but I have also been given so many opportunities to develop skills in all different areas of rescue work. What's even more wonderful is that over the past three years that I have volunteered here, when ever I have had an idea and wanted to do something, no one has ever told me no you can't do that, or no your too young, or no you don't have enough experience. They have warmly welcomed all the help and ideas I have had and have made me feel like a valued member of the team. Everyone at Lazicki's has become a part of my family and I am so appreciative to have stumbled upon the opportunity to work with such amazing people for such an amazing cause. We may not be a big organization but this organization has the biggest heart of any organization you will ever know.
by Corrie B. (Administrator for this Organization) (April 25, 2015)
I have been a part of this organization for almost 2 years. You will never find a more dedicated, caring, giving group of people then you find at this organization. The love and care that goes into each & every bird is incredible. The fundraisers are always a blast with great raffles!!!

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