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Mission Statement

We believe in the fundamental right of all children to have the security and love of a family.

We resolve to facilitate adoptions of special needs, older and sibling children by providing financial grants to special waiting children; to actively seek out healthy and happy families who can offer love and support to special needs children; to raise public awareness of the need for healthy homes for special needs, older and sibling children and to raise public awareness of the unique joys of parenting a special child.

We dedicate our work to improving the quality of life for all God's children, especially those who wait in institutions or orphanages, live in extreme poverty or under the duress of slavery, abuse or war; and we seek, create and support humanitarian programs which accomplish these goals and extend all efforts to champion and campaign for children's rights regardless of race, religion, or country of origin.


Brittany's Hope Foundation is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 foundation dedicated to aiding and facilitating adoptions of special needs children from around the world. Unicef's latest figures estimate that more than 143 million children languish in institutions and orphanages around the world; typically in countries which are under-developed and plagued by poverty, social restrictions, and war. If you are an abandoned child with special needs of any kind, chances are slim you will receive the medical care you need to reach your potential.

Our foundation was created with the hope of building a bridge to unite special waiting children and families who wish to adopt a child but are burdened by the substantial cost associated with adopting a child internationally. Although we assist with advocating for our special children, Brittany's Hope Foundation is not an adoption agency. We raise funds and work with adoption agencies to lower the cost of adopting special needs children. One hundred percent of all donations we receive are used to place financial grants or to benefit one of our humanitarian efforts.

In addition to this, we also sponsor other humanitarian efforts to benefit the children who are left behind, arranging for surgeries, safe cribs, formula, and eduWe build and repair orphanages and living centers worldwide. We develop and implement nutrition programs to deliver protein-rich food to undernourished children. We provide livestock and crop plantings to initiate far-reaching self-sustainable efforts within impoverished orphanages. Our Brittany's Cribs project provides cribs for children who spend their days in broken cribs without mattresses or blankets. The Emily Cane Project gives canes, mobility instruction, and independence to the blind. cation and transitional housing for older orphans.



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