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Mission Statement

The Face of Cancer is a non-profit, non-medical public service program that helps to provide female cancer patients the support and help in addressing a particularly devastating part of their cancer battle, their physical appearance.

Founded by cancer survivor Holly Carter, owner of Fresno based Carter & Co. Communications, The Face of Cancer seeks to build a network of local firms who will provide services related to making cancer patients feel better about their appearance and help to restore their feeling of femininity and beauty. In addition, The Face of Cancer seeks to be a resource for women to find answers to questions they may have regarding resources available that enhance their appearance as they go through the cancer battle.

Fundraising efforts will center on raising funds to help those who cannot afford the cost of these services.

For more information, or to have your products or services featured in "The Face of Cancer", visit Facebook.com/FaceOFCancer, or contact Holly Carter at (559) 321-8884.


Why The Face of Cancer?

When cancer strikes a woman, there are special and unique challenges they will need to face.

Cancer and its treatment can often change the way women feel about themselves. From chemo treatments, radiation and even body altering surgeries, the physical changes to their bodies and the intense emotions that cancer can cause can lead to an unhealthy level of stress. Women may begin to feel as though they have no control over their life and feel they have suffered the permanent loss of their beauty and their femininity.

It is with this background that Holly Carter founded The Face of Cancer, an organization that is dedicated to helping woman who are fighting cancer learn how they can still have their femininity and beauty during and after their battle.

One way the Face of Cancer helps is by providing the patient with a fantasy photo shoot. Through the generosity of local businesses, an experience fit for a runway model is provided. The cancer patient is given the task of choosing a theme of their dreams and the team works to emulate that theme on film. Fine gowns are provided, professional makeup artists volunteer their talent at local salons and professional photographers capture it all on film and video. All at no cost to the participant. It’s a day never to be forgotten.

According to The Face of Cancer founder Holly Carter, "As a cancer survivor, I found that there is not enough help available for women when it comes to dealing with the devastating impact cancer has on their sense of femininity and physical beauty. Many just give up. We are told to find joy and to stay positive to fight the disease. Yet, the loss of our sense of beauty and femininity is counterproductive to an optimistic state of mind. Every woman battling cancer wants to be seen as a beautiful valiant warrior. That motivated me to start The Face of Cancer. Our "Make a Wish" Face of Cancer Photo shoot is a special program that will be a main focus of our fundraising efforts."



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