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Mission Statement

Earth Economics has a mission of advancing and applying the science of ecological economics to promote healthy ecosystems, communities and economies.


Earth Economics is an independent, non-partisan non-profit dedicated to researching and applying the economic solutions of tomorrow, today. Since 1998, Earth Economics has been providing robust, science-based, ecologically sound economic analysis, policy recommendations and tools to positively transform regional, national and international economics, and asset accounting systems. Working with leading ecologists, economists and modelers, we serve a large circle of non-profits, government agencies, policy makers, businesses, and multi-lateral organizations with research, reports, presentations, workshops and investigations. Our goal is to help communities shift away from the failed economic policies of the past, towards an approach that is both economically viable and environmentally sustainable. Everything we do can be measured in millions of dollars of investment shifted towards sustainability and by physical changes on the landscape.

Our program work includes:

  • Ecosystem Service Valuations: Working with public, private and NGO agencies, Earth Economics’ Ecosystem Service Valuation (ESV) studies quantify the value of the goods and services provided by regional ecosystems. This valuation justifies the shift of investment toward environmental preservation and/or restoration.
  • Economic Environmental Impact Statements: Working with planners, policy makers and private consulting firms, Earth Economics provides justification for specific projects and scenarios based on environmental economic analysis.
  • Jobs Analysis: Working with local and regional economists, agencies, businesses and jurisdictions, Earth Economics analyzes the jobs that will be created, maintained, or lost by doing or not doing a project.
  • Accounting and Management Strategies: Working with public utilities, businesses, large land owners and managers, Earth Economics identifies, and helps clients adopt, new management approaches that value ecosystem services in addition to built infrastructure and raw materials.
  • Scenario Mapping and Modeling: Working with leading systems modelers, ecologists and hydrologists, Earth Economics analyzes ecosystem services such as freshwater provisioning, carbon sequestration, flood protection, biodiversity and hurricane protection. This information is used to provide current and future maps showing ecosystem services provisioning, beneficiaries and damage under different planning scenarios.
  • Funding Mechanisms for Conservation and Restoration: Working with local and state jurisdictions, Earth Economics applies innovative approaches to fund critical natural infrastructure and conservation work.
  • Educational Outreach: Working with philanthropic organizations, environmental and policy NGOs, schools and public agencies, Earth Economics conducts workshops, lectures and media events to increase awareness about ecological economics.
  • Conversion to Sustainability: Working with the electronic recycling industry, paper mills and other industries, Earth Economics helps catalyze the shift from unsustainable to sustainable technology and industrial processes.
  • Further Valuation Studies: Working with academics from around the world, Earth Economics is continually upgrading and refining our Benefit Value Transfer tool and ESV Study Database to ensure the most up-to-date appraisals possible.



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