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Mission Statement

In a country where more than half the population lived in appalling conditions, with very little income, in families torn apart by urbanisation and legal restrictions, The Love of Christ Ministries was established by the Jarvis family to rescue the tiniest victims of a society in turmoil.
Since we rescued our first two little ones in April 1993, we have continued to play a part in changing the destiny of more than 780 babies who have been abandoned or orphaned, as our nation continues to be plagued by HIV-AIDS, unemployment and high crime levels.

That in itself has been a great challenge for us, but we are dedicated to more than just saving babies. Our primary ethos at TLC is that "every child has the right to a loving and responsible family", this requires us to do more.

Every baby at TLC is a part of our family, we hold each little one dear, we fight for the rights of every one, we seek the best for each individual, always.

Being committed to this belief has meant that over time we have had to grow. Our family has grown from five children to almost thirty; Our nursery accommodates another thirty little babies between birth and three years; We are assisted by a fantastic international team of 16 - 24 volunteer caregivers. We employ a number of staff members to assist with administrative and domestic duties. And we now report to a board, who assist us in ensuring we keep sailing in the right direction.


As an organisation, our work is divided into three areas:

Babies: The first is our work with the babies, the little ones we bring into our home with the intention of either reuniting them with their biological family, or of finding a forever family who will be able to provide them with those essentials that we all need.

Children: The second area we spend a lot of time in is raising children, investing love and time into the lives of those children who have become permanent members of the TLC family. We ensure that someday each of them will be able to become contributing members of our nation and our world.

Volunteers: Finally, we come to our volunteers. Much of the work at TLC is done by young people from around the world. Many of these youths have never been away from home for an extended period of time. During the time that they provide us with an invaluable service in time and effort, TLC provides a safe environment in which they can stretch their wings and experience a little of the real world.

We are also involved in the following projects:

The Farm: Our Sustainable Farm Project aims to get us to be self-sustainable and maybe even generate some income.

Community Projects: The community we serve suffers from abject poverty, often leading to the abandonment of babies. By addressing this poverty, we can help reduce the number of babies who are abandoned.


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