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The purpose of The Art of LIVING is to support people in fulfilling their highest potential by providing a context within which they can understand their essential nature as creative, along with the awareness skills and tools to consciously co-create the lives and better world we all want for ourselves and our children.


Explore our website at: and particularly our global action CIRCLES UNITING. We are a vital and growing community of individuals and organizations who are acting together around a shared vision, pooling our collective energies and gifts, and serving as a catalyst for positive change on both a personal and planetary level. The basis for our work is grounded in 30 years in-depth exploration in communications, creativity, human excellence, experiential learning and how to effect positive change. What we've discovered is that people ask different questions and take different actions than they would ordinarily when they identify themselves as artists of life. In making this integral shift in perception - from being acted upon by life to becoming actively involved in the process of living - people develop a consciousness of choice which enhances their lives on every level. We are providing models of what is working and what is possible through art of living themed participatory events, media, life long learning programs, and consulting. Where many organizations tend to operate down river, basically pulling people out of the water once they're already in there flailing about, The Art of LIVING Coalition is bringing exponential value, going up river, helping to remove the debris and teaching people how to be great river rafters. After having produced nearly 100 co-creative events since the early 1990s, we are strong believers that the new skill level for this new time is to be found in the area we have pioneered and are committed to supporting and sustaining people - Co-Creating!


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by Ron T. from GB (October 5, 2009)
To my mind, Art of LIVING Coalition focuses on the essence of what is required rather than the problems. It is addressing problems but not from the perspective of a "saviour" with the solutions so much as from that of a fellow human willing to share the experience and participate in learning from it. It "grows corn".

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