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Mission Statement

To bring together all variances of disabled lives in and with a collective conscience to educate others about disabilities, and about our individual and collective abilities.

To remind peoples globally we belong as an integral part of local and global communities, to be offered welcome and access and inclusion without reservation.

To assist persons with disabilities to find employ-ment, support, peace of mind and body.

To promote peace and well-being locally, globally.

To Enhance the lives of youth with disabilities


MHONA is a citizen to citizen connect, without any direct affiliation of city, state, national or country affiliation. It is to show our ability to bring together through our independent initiatives and connects that which will change how public individuals and entities address our lives presently.

To have all available products and aids that will allow us to have/hold our public event so all lives with disabilities may enter and share their persons in person and or through satellite, computer, tv, radio with and at our yearly event. For our site to be totally accessable and disabled friendly, offering inclusion for all lives. We welcome funding, sponsorship, volunteers all support and possible assist possible.

For our first initial event Spring, May 31, 2009 San Francisco Presidio - Crissy Field - Golden Gate Pavillion. 'Walk and Roll For Freedom-Independence'. This year remembering, honoring the lives, civilians and youth of Tibet: 'Walk and Roll For Tibet'. Through our non-profit: Offer a day of positive remembrance from amongst individuals, youth and communities with and with-out disabilities;Not only to remembering lives, all ages, unable to leave their homes or beds locally but globally. These are the most profound, the frailest amongst us, [all ages] we offer our tributes, our rememberances to their lives, while they live!

Hold a human rights event on a yearly basis remind-ing peoples of our presence and also of those now amongst us with profound disabilities whom are the last to enter in or be invited to any external connects. Their voices we wish to bring out and share with a global audience.

MHONA International: lives and voices,Silent No More! Please Join With us, Volunteer with us In The Name of Freedom for everyone's Independence.

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