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Mission Statement

The Land of Lincoln Long Term Care Ombudsman Project protects and improves the quality of life for residents of long term care facilities through individual and systemic advocacy for and on behalf of residents, including the promotion and cultiviation of best practices within long term care facilities, and through the promotion of family and community involvement in long term care facilities. The Project also promotes Pioneer Practices in facilities. Pioneer Practices are those practices that result in the culture change of the entire long term care environment. Specifically, the implementation of these practices change the physical environment, staff routines, authority structure and resident care in the facility, into an atmosphere that is life affirming, satisfying, humane, and meaningful.

The Project is resident-centered and resident directed. The resident of a long term care facility is the project's client, regardless of the source of the complaint or request for service. Each resident must have access to an Ombudsman whenever requested. Ombudsman have 24-hour access to all residents.


1. Inform residents of their rights: ¨ Right to choice and freedom to the maximum extent possible. ¨ Right to safety and good care to maintain health at the highest practical level of functioning and well being possible. ¨ Right to clear and complete information about medical condition and treatment. ¨ Right to participate in one's own care by attending one's care planning conference. ¨ Right to refuse treatment. ¨ Right to be free from chemical and physical restraints. ¨ Right to be free of neglect and abuse by anyone, including verbal and mental abuse. ¨ Right to privacy. ¨ Right to organize a resident and family council. ¨ Right to have, or to refuse to have, visits by family and friends. ¨ Right to manage one's money. ¨ Right to keep and use one's personal property. If a resident's property is missing, the nursing home must try to find it. ¨ Right to information about paying for one's own care and getting Medicare and Medicaid. ¨ Right to vote as a citizen of Illinois and the United States for the candidate of one's choice. ¨ Right to freedom of religion.

¨ Right to complain and present grievances to one's facility and to get a prompt response without fear of reprisal, coercion or interference.

2. Investigate complaints

3. Provide regular presence

4. Provide public information

5. Provide support and assistance to resient and family councils

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