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Mission Statement

Educate the masses and build a strong awareness of the causes and prevention of chronic/infectious diseases by improving strategies to reach at risk populations to accelerate the decline and eradication of the killer diseases. Engage and provide common vision for national TB,Hepatitis, Diabetes HIV/AIDS, Hypertension prevention education to create a healthier community.


Olives Resources is a non profit organization established in April 2003 to address the problem of disseminating health information to needy and underserved constituencies in Nigeria . The organization's projects will target the grassroots and villages starting initially in Lagos state in Nigeria and increase intervention to other parts of nation. The projects will educate masses residing in determined areas of focus and develop awareness of the causes and prevention of diseases (with emphasis on at-risk populations) to accelerate the decline of killer diseases such as: Tuberculosis, AIDS, Hepatitis Diabetes and High Blood Pressure. Olives Resources will promote health education initiatives amongst the grass root communities on causes and prevention of infectious/chronic diseases; will also provide resource materials to be translated into other ethnic languages such as Yoruba, Ibo and Hausa. The impact of these actions will increase awareness levels by 95% to achieve rapid decline in new cases of these targeted diseases, properly maintain ongoing cases, and reduce suffering and avoidable deaths. We are committed to work in the all local Government areas and villages where access to health information is largely overlooked. Education on health awareness is essential to reduce the threats of mortality & morbidity of these diseases. Olives Resources will provide educational materials in rural areas in that have non-existent or ineffective health policies. Absence of effective policies results in thousands of children and adults dieing of preventable and curable diseases, pregnant women undergoing life threatening conditions during deliveries. Cultural beliefs, ignorance and illiteracy have equally negatively impacted prevention of infectious /killer diseases.



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