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Mission Statement

Mission Statement:

Spaymart is a local, all volunteer - based, non-profit, humane organization started specifically to provide low cost Spay/Neuter assistance and adoption programs to the public, with the mission of solving the pet overpopulation crisis in our cities.

Spaymart partners with area shelters and local humane groups to deliver proactive, results-oriented programs to help our shelters achieve the collective goal of zero-euthanasia of healthy, adoptable animals. Utilizing existing veterinary clinics, SpayMart has been operating spay neuter programs for over 10 years. The programs are funded entirely by private donations and grants. SpayMart operates a shelter facility as well as a foster care program for over 200 cats, where they are cared for while they await adoption. Cats and kittens are available for adoption at PETsMART on Clearview Parkway, as well as listed on our website with links to Petfinder.com.


SpayMart is a local, volunteer-based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. It was co founded by Pam Casey and Lynn Chiche in 1998 with the sole intent of solving the pet overpopulation crisis our city is experiencing, through aggressive spay/neuter and adoption programs. In a city where euthanasia is the number one cause of death among companion animals, a humane, aggressive strategy must be devised to effectively deal with the surplus of unwanted animals. SpayMart's approach is threefold, as follows: First, the problem of too many animals and not enough homes is not uniquely ours. Other cities across the United States have faced the same dilemma and dealt effectively with the numbers by establishing high-volume, low-cost spay/neuter programs. At present, the fees for spay/neuter services by local veterinarians are cost-prohibitive for large sections of people living in New Orleans. SpayMart operates a spay/neuter initiative with two local veterinarians to accommodate 1) indigent pet owners and 2) caretakers of homeless animals. The objective is to reduce and eventually eliminate the need for killing approximately 35,000 companion animals each year due to overpopulation and crowding at our local shelters. However, SpayMart believes that to be totally successful in reducing the numbers, we must deal with owned as well as un-owned animals. In a city with a near-tropical climate, animals breed year-round. This results in an alarming number of stray animals roaming our streets in search of food, trying to survive, but eventually succumbing to disease, starvation, predation, etc. In fact, national experts claim New Orleans has one of the largest per-capita feral (undomesticated) cat populations in the nation, with an estimated annual population of 250,000! Therefore, our organization sponsors a non-lethal program to deal with strays called "The Feral Cat Project". The method we promote is referred to as "TNR" (trap, neuter, and return). Cats are humanely trapped, tested for disease, vaccinated for rabies, sterilized, ear-tipped (snipping the end of one ear so it is flat instead of rounded - a universal sign of sterilization) for identification purposes, and returned to the area from which they came. A colony caretaker is responsible for daily food, water and medical treatment, if necessary. SpayMart networks over 100 feral cat caretakers with the incentive of low-cost spay/neuter and a food subsidy program. To join, caretakers must register their colonies with the organization and abide by rules and regulations. Our clinics for spaying and neutering operate five days a week at two local veterinary offices. Appointments are made by calling the hotline at 504-838-9167. To date, SpayMart has sterilized over 10,000 cats. Lastly, and the third part of our program for ending euthanasia, is an aggressive adoption program. Because shelters are so overcrowded in summer, euthanasia rates are extremely high. Therefore, we encourage the public to run ads in newspapers, call local veterinary offices, pet shops, etc. and explore other avenues to adopt out animals rather than turning them in to local shelters, which have no choice but to kill. Last year alone, when our organization partnered with PetSmart's "Luv-a-pet" Adoption Center at Elmwood Shopping Mall on the Eastbank, we adopted over 300 animals. Each animal offered for adoption has been tested for disease, vaccinated, wormed, sterilized and microchipped. By adopting out only sterilized animals, we avoid contributing to the pet overpopulation problem. Our adoption program offers cats and kittens to the public for only $85 (the price for these services for animals adopted outside of our program can range several hundred dollars higher). In conclusion, we believe that mass spay/neuter programs for owned dogs and cats made available to the entire population, together with the Feral Cat Project aimed at the homeless population and an aggressive adoption program, will put an end to the killing and eliminate homeless pets.



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by Debbie H. from Winnsboro, TX (2009-12-07 22:48:14.0)
Spaymart is a wonderful and much needed organization run by caring and compassionate members. I have worked with them in the past and was amazed by their dedication and perseverance. Not only have they saved the lives of so many animals, they have taught many of us the joy of owning, loving, and caring for those same animals. I urge everyone who reads this to get involved with this amazing group.