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Mission Statement

The mission of Village Care International is to mobilize communities to care for their own children using their own resources.


Our vision is to see every child safe, living in a loving home, and doing well.

Our purpose is defined by James 1:27 and Matt 25:32-48, and is to serve the poor, on the ground, in the field and in real ways that attack the root causes of poverty, disease, and abuse.

Our values are based on sound principles found in the Bible, and our spirit of servicing, learning, listening, observing, praying, and encouraging permeates our work. Anyone is welcome to work with us, and we serve anyone in need of our work. We hope to reflect in our labor the person and work of Jesus Christ.



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Average Review 2 reviews

Would you recommend Village Care International, Inc.?

by Jessica D. (2010-10-17 20:22:35.0)
Village Care International is an amazing organization. What is so great about it is that they really care about the people that they work with in Africa and help the people there hep themselves. It is so amazing to see the impact that the volunteers at VCI can make. Everyone is so appreciative of their work and I cannot wait until I can volunteer with them again this summer. I feel like I have the ability to really help people, and Village Care International helped me reach this feeling. I have told so many people about this great organization, and I hope people can volunteer with VCI. The best part is that you are not only helping people, but what I have realized, is that you are also helping yourself in so many ways. I love Village Care and it will always be an important part pf my life and future.
by Chris E. (2010-10-14 15:07:16.0)
Walking hand in hand, on dusty roads, with people who live in villages; living amongst those who live in slums, rocking an infant who has been recently orphaned, listening to the song and dance of the culture....these and so many more are the reasons I LOVE Village Care. The purpose and passion of the staff; the training, the preparation, the itineraries and the clear vision leave me wanting more. My calendar is planned around potential trips to return to the sight and sounds of Africa. Thank you Village Care for loving widows and orphans and letting me see how the people of Africa can and will care for their own with the resources they have. The icing on the cake is seeing the beauty of the land, the animals on safari and developing relationships that are life changing.