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Mission Statement

Schmahl Science Workshops is a non-profit partnership of students, parents, teachers, scientists, and academic and industry professionals who foster a love of science among pre-K through 12th grade children. Founded in 1996 by a group of four children and their parents, we now deliver an unmatched breadth of hands-on science workshops.


To prepare for a future where science and technology will dominate virtually every industry and vocation, today's children need meaningful and lasting science experiences. S tudents who are encouraged and successful in science and technology today will continue to pursue them tomorrow. Sadly, most receive less than 45 minutes of science and vocational training per week. Science lab, home economics and the industrial arts have been eliminated from most school programs.

A Schmahl Science Workshop uses a collaborative, enthusiastic and hands-on approach to science education that has a deep and lasting effect on children of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. Whether they are high-performers, have learning disabilities or have been labeled as "poor students," our students are able to work at levels far beyond their ages and expectations. Each time students attend one of our programs, they become more inspired, interested and aware of the everyday world of science.

Our programs
Because we offer over 400 workshops in all fields of science and technol ogy including biology, chemistry, earth science, forensic science, mathematics and physics, students explore an unusually diverse range of topics. They learn to culture and experiment with various cell types, analyze DNA, perform forensic analyses of hair and cloth, build models of the solar system, create wind powered cars, and take apart and reassemble engines. Our w orkshops are delivered in classroom, laboratory or garage settings by degreed instructors who help students to discover that learning science is fun.

In- and after school workshops provide a place where children and parents can experience science and technology together. Children learn in a setting that frees them to explore what interests them.

Workshops for the California Science Standards and the California Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) Science Tests - Students in California are assessed in science, language arts and mathematics. With a curriculum focused on language arts and mathematics, many schools lack the resources needed to teach the concepts and investigational skills measured on the STAR Science Test . The w orkshops also help teachers to integrate the concepts and skills measured in California's Science, Integrated Mathematics and English-Language Arts Standards Tests.

Home school workshops are designed to support home school students and are aligned with California's state academic standards.

Advanced student science fair research - Science fairs provide students with research experience. In our award winning program, advanced undergraduate and graduate students mentor junior and senior high school students.

SciVan and BioBus - SciVan, a mobile lab, delivers our in-school and after-school workshops. BioBus, a state-of-the-art mobile bioscience lab, brings advanced biology, biochemistry and biotechnology experiments to schools and to underserved communities where advanced science instruction is otherwise not available.



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