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Mission Statement

It is MIA's mission to increase public awareness in the United States of the maltreatment of women in Guatemala; to improve socioeconomic conditions for Guatemalan women; to remove the gender bias in the Guatemalan government; promote educational programs to reduce domestic violence and femicide, and promote equal treatment for women. Our purpose is to effect genuine and lasting change in the conditions for women in Guatemala.


Mujeres Iniciando en las Américas campaigns against gender bias and domestic violence in Guatemala. MIA provides financial support for organizations in Guatemala with similar missions, such as Sobrevivientes, a Guatemalan organization led by Nobel prize nominee Norma Cruz, who works for women's rights in Guatemala.

MIA's Goals Insist on the prosecution for rape and femicide To encourage the Guatemalan government to honor peace accords made to eliminate discrimination against women Promote careers in the justice system to women in Guatemala Press for judicial reform in Guatemala Insist on progress toward prosecution of outstanding cases To obtain reparations from the Guatemalan government Obtain just and fair compensation for the survivors and families of massacred women To create domestic violence intervention and prevention workshops for abused women in Guatemala To improve social and economic conditions for Guatemalan women In Guatemala, gender discrimination is part of the reality of life, but it doesn't have to be. Because of laws that discriminate against women and existing cultural values, violence against women is considered normal. Rape, sexual harassment, and domestic violence aren't treated seriously by the justice system in Guatemala, so guilty men get away with crimes against women. This impunity reinforces discrimination enabling continued violence. Callous treatment by the justice system further victimizes women reporting crimes. Organizations including the United Nations and Amnesty International have recognized the unjust treatment of women in Guatemalan courts. MIA was founded to change the laws in Guatemala to better suit the needs of the victimized women.



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