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Mission Statement


The name of the Organization shall be CHC. The abbreviation used there after CHC shall stand for Community Help Community.


Community Help Community CHC is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) working for the uplift of the society through the provision of humanitarian assistance in Pakistan. CHC is to be considered as a non-profit, non-religious, and non-political civil society organization rendering services mainly in the social development sector in the field of Human Rights in order to contribute to an educated society of peace, tolerance, harmony, and prosperity throughout over all development activities


What is Community Help Community?

A learning and knowledge- sharing network of communities, experts and youths working to gather to support local community development initiatives through capacity building programs and information sharing networks


Community Help Community (CHC) is a national learning and knowledge-sharing network whose mission is to support the development of capacity-building initiatives and information sharing networks to enhance communities and more effectively contrib ute to policy making initiatives.

CHC seeks to facilitate information sharing and connect community leaders with university youths and experts. CHC aims to achieve this mission by working collectively to grant academic experts access to local community practices and local activist knowledge and experiences.

CHC is a national learning and knowledge-sharing network which focuses on community initiatives and best practices in the fields of Humanitarian Access, Displacement, Evaluations of Humanitarian Response, Food security, Gender Equality, Humanitarian Development, Humanitarian Engagement, Needs Assessment, CHC’s work with Governments, Protection, Transition from Relief to Development, h uman rights, transgender, education, gender-based violence, health, refugee law, community development and mobilization programming, women and youth participation and leadership, climate change adaptation and environment, businessmen in humanitarian activities, volunteerism and youth with low qualifications, interfaith harmony, peace and conflict.


The vision of the Community Help Community is a world in which humanitarian action is effective and principled.


Cross cultural Cooperation, Collaboration, Community Education and Empowerment.



  1. Community Help Community wants to put deprived and poor communities in the position where they will do great things for themselves.

  2. Community Help Community aims to facilitate the effective exchange of information, concerns, issues and best practices among member communities, experts and youths by acting as a "hub" for participants and members.

  3. Community Help Community aims to strengthen the networks between communities, experts and senior youths to ensure quality and coordinated participation by connecting local leaders with academic experts.

  4. Community Help Community aims to collect community-tested best practices and refine these tested methods through collaboration between experts and community members.

  5. Community Help Community aims to provide community leaders with access to researched expert information to allow communities to refine their methods, increasing their ability to sustainably develop themselves.

  6. Community Help Community aims to support the development of capacity-building initiatives through collaboration initiatives and information sharing programs to enhance communities, experts and youths’ contributions to humanitarian policy-making on national level.


  1. Advocate with relevant stakeholders for the rights of refugees, asylum seekers and other people in need of protection to be respectedand promoted nation-wide.

  2. Develop mechanisms and strategies to address human rights concerns and encourage engagement between relevant stakeholders todevelop, consolidate and advance good practices to better protect the rights of host and refugee communities and other people inneed of protection.

  3. Strengthen the capacity of CHC members to respond to key protection challenges in the region through a number of initiatives suchas trainings, workshops, roundtables and consultations.

  4. Seek to foster an environment in which people in need of protection are treated with dignity, enjoy their rights and do not face discrimination, abuse, exploitation or protracted displacement.

  5. Conduct outreach activities to galvanize widespread support for the advancement of the rights of people in need of protection acrossthe national level.

  6. Develop a strong human rights movement in the region with members actively sharing knowledge resources and developing jointstrategies


  1. Protection & Promotion of human rights

  2. Awareness rising regarding Youth Policy with MDGs

  3. Fostering Social Justice, Democracy and Good Governance

  4. Maximize the ratio of education at secondary level

  5. To improve the socio-economic condition of women

  6. To raise awareness regarding various social and political issues

  7. Provision of Legal Aid to the victimized people

  8. Community development

  9. Alleviate poverty in vulnerable and remote areas

  10. Achieving community participation

  11. Identifying opportunities for innovation

  12. Structuring institutional arrangements that capitalize on partnerships between public and private sectors



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