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Mission Statement

Teach young people in Koh Samui, the value of volunteering early on. We also aim to provide formal recognition of the time invested in volunteering.

We are currently running this program with TEFL Certified English Teachers to help promote FREE basic English for all Thai residents of Koh Samui.

We believe that people can change the world. We help provide individuals with opportunities to do great things they care about, through volunteering and social action.

We make it easy for young people to change the world. In return for their time, volunteers become more skilled, confident and employable whilst doing things they really care about.


Small Business Development & Employment

We offer to help you set up your own small business with links to partners, fund raising, setting up a constitution/constituted group and business plan templates, use of our free* internet and computer and printing service, Professional help experience from existing small business owners. From finding the right location to the right visa, we can help you. Share and promote your business*through ideashop.com and our ever growing database.

Volunteers and Ambassadors

Develop awareness of Volunteering in the local community and to other local islands. Create a Volunteer group using Ambassadors to guide Focus Groups and Community led Projects. To reward existing Volunteers and promote and support new Volunteers and Projects.

Teaching Consultant

We aim to provide you with the best English teacher for you school or business. We can provide professional, accredited English teachers. We will acquire the relevant documents; identification and you simply provide us your specification. We can visit and assess your venue to help recruit the right teacher. We will also work alongside your staff member to make them feel comfortable at their interview with us or yourself and their first few days working at your school.

Referral Group

In our business premises we will keep a 'black book’ with a selection of our partners who will all offer a discount for their services through our referral scheme at the ideashop whilst a larger and more thorough group will be compiled on the ideashop web site. You may add to this list*(registration) If you are a registered ideashop member you can freely use this group to promote your own and others’ small businesses.

Sports and Personal Development

A mixture of leisure, health and well being inspired projects set up solely by service users and volunteers.

Arts and crafts

A place to find like minded people interested in the arts and craft ranging from music, acting, dance, paint and decoration, sculptures to fashion, offering a physical art gallery to exhibit your art work*(subscription) buy art or help your own small business idea. Workshops to learn something new, movie nights or a place for local photographers to meet.

Social Enterprise

Social enterprise is a non-profitable enterprise that only profits from fees*(subscription) from service users and which is put back into the business. The sole aim of it is to benefit the community. It is open as often as possible and acts like a lighthouse to the public, offering a nice safe and friendly environment.

Recycle and Regeneration

A major part of the ideashop social enterprise (running continuously) is the businesses ability to (through volunteer) regenerate the local area through landscaping and gardening, recycling unwanted items which can be re-used, donated or sold back into the community e.g.: charity shops.



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