• Support for African Indigents and Youth Development (SAIYD) Support for African Indigents and Youth Development (SAIYD)


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Mission Statement

Our mission is to establish our voluntary organization in the way of humanitarian appeal which will cost effectively and eff iciently execute activities by our possible efforts and accessibility in order to engender improvement in the
living condition and standard of indigents and transform the lives of youth, women and children in the rural communities of Africa through our initiative programmes geared towards facilitating sustainable indigents, youth and rural empowerment and development in the African communities.


Support for African Indigents and Youth Development (SAIYD) is a voluntary, not-for- profit, non-governmental, non-political and non-religious organization founded in the year 2014 with prime focus to mobilize resources for implementing sustainable welfare activities, promoting and supporting sustainable indigent revivification, youth empowerment and rural development initiatives in Africa.

SAIYD is gradually coming into structure form to be governed by a Board of Trustees and Management of an array of experienced professionals representing diverse communities and interests. Our life-transforming, life-saving and developmental programmes and welfare activities are supported, funded and sustained through private and membership contributions and public donations as well as active community participation.

SAIYD identifies Africa as a continent with great number of people suffering from abject poverty with no guaranteed means of livelihood to satisfy their basic need. The Global dreams of achieving a Good Global Community will be futile if pervasive poverty, hunger, illness and unemployment are allowed to thrive unabated in Africa. We, therefore, envisage the achievement of an enduring legacy of a better world when indigent children, youth and women in Africa who are indispensable assets and resources for growth and development of the world are adequately supported, encouraged and empowered to develop and achieve their
optimal potentials and their living standard and condition improved by waging war against pervasive poverty, hunger, unemployment, illness and pollution.

Our strategic objectives include:

To provide material and financial assistance to
the aged, sick, hapless and indigent persons as well as others on the brink of societal exclusion in order to meet their need for food, shelter and clothing;

To contribute to the alleviation of pervasive poverty through facilitating access to formal education and skills training for
children, youths and women;

To arrange and organize lecture, debates, discussion, seminar and excursion for diffusion of knowledge;

To assist the needy students of African communities for promotion and prosecution of studies

To resourcefully engage and empower indigents and youth in rural communities in order to guarantee them of a sustainable means of income and livelihood;

To encourage and support in such other philanthropic activities which may be considered appropriate;

To promote structures, systems and process that lead to equitable distribution of resources for accelerated development in the rural areas;

To strengthen the capacities of community health centres in providing Medical Healthcare Services Delivery, Family
Planning, prevention of the spread of HIV/AIDS, STDs/STIs and other communicable diseases;

To contribute to the alleviation of child trafficking and child right and abuses in African communities;

To strengthen the capacities of community-based organizations and the civil society in Democratic Consolidation, Good Governance, Peace Building, Conflict Resolution and development cooperation; and

To build local capacities for early warning and swift response at incidences of epidemic, pollution, natural disasters and
humanitarian crises.



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