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Mission Statement

Mission and Focus: Mama Friends of the Earth is part of a emergent paradigm of concerned business owners who organize non-profit trusts to support efforts to rectify the harm humans have caused earth and her inhabitants, plants animals and humans. We collaborate with other For-Profit businesses to both expand and expedite our like vision.



Integrity is like a circle, that spirals both internally and externally, understanding that every action, thought and even intention has an affect which can either be congruent or discordant. At Mama Friends of the Earth we embody positive, compassionate intention and infuse this quality into our products, our business practices and all relationships.

Excellence is how we strive to be, recognizing it is a practice of becoming whole and actualizing our potential as responsible and concerned citizens.

Good Stewardship is how we belong to something greater, realizing our ability to care for our earth, our homes and businesses, relationships and seeking accountability to providing a more balanced, nurturing environment for ourselves, our children, and all beings.

Innovation asks us to continually renew our creative aspirations, to provide quality in product, thought and deed which betters the current situation and benefits everyone in the cycle.

  1. Partnering with for-profit entities to raise funds.
  2. Not depending on donors or donations alone.
  3. Providing training and employment to the disabled in the life cycle events of sustainable products i.e. making, packaging and marketing.
  4. Selecting products for sale from for-profit partner organizations the profits from which will be spent 100% on mission related activities.
  5. Ensuring the product life cycle has met certain mission related goals.
  6. Exponentially increasing impact through strategic partnership with for-profit organizations.
  7. Ensuring that the products we purchase have had positive impact in the life cycle of its making i.e. from ingredient sourcing production, packaging etc.
  8. We support our for-profit partners with guidance to meet our requirements in their product life cycle processes.

Commitment is a promise we made to prioritize the benefit to the whole over personal gain, to value sustainability over short term profit. We live as we work, striving for balance in all that we do so that the product you experience as the consumer inspires your highest vision as well.

Compassion allows us to see the future reflected in the eyes of our children and motivates us to care for all who share our earth. We honor the lives of all beings and treat a plant with the same respect as we might a child, as well as teach the child to do the same. We live by governing principles that protect and foster love and non-harming for one another.

Sustainability recognizes that every action causes a reaction, a projection into the future and seeks one of balance and the continuation of life on earth. Mama Friends of the Earth values sustainability in every stage of product life cycle.

Responsibility literally empowers us with an ability to respond, to remedy the detriment caused by humans and our inventions and lifestyles. Mama Friends of the Earth supports organizations which address immediate needs for our common future, as well as prepare the next generation through education which emphasizes sustainability and stewardship of the planet. We envision a time where life-supporting innovations meet daily needs without subjecting the planet and her beings to harm.

Empowerment is an inner attitude which expands and radiates outward despite the challenges we face. It is an acceptance of the fluency of life force and a desire to collaborate within the designs of the universe to heal imbalances.

Empowering people with developmental disabilities, visually impaired, impoverished, or otherwise disadvantaged people.

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