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Mission Statement

The mission of Starfish Foster Home is to save the lives of babies in China.

The vision of Starfish Foster Home is to provide a safe and loving home in Shaanxi province where orphans with special needs will receive nurturing care during their infancy and toddler years. To be clear, "special needs" are children born with spina bifida, heart issues, cleft palettes, or some type of medical need that can be addressed.

Starfish Foster Home will provide the best medical attention available in mainland China to meet the special needs of babies facing complex medical problems such as spina bifida, heart conditions, and cleft lips and palettes.

² To expedite the movement of children out of orphanages and into the arms of loving adoptive families;
² To serve as a resource center for other orphanages seeking medical care for their children;
² To build a mutually supportive relationship with China's government officials;
² To facilitate correct and rapid processing of required adoption dossiers.


Starfish Children's Services (SCS) is a foster home located in Xi'an, China that specializes in the care of special needs orphans. The children suffer from spina bifida, cleft pallette and heart issues. The vast majority of the medical issues are treatable. Like all human beings, these kids just need to "catch a break" and SCS is working hard towards that goal.

SCS, working in conjunction w/theChinese provincial gov't, plays the unique role of "halfway" house for up to 20 infants/toddlers at any one time. Amanda, the founder, and her staff, provide shelter, nutrition, medical care/surgery for the children w/the end goal being the adoption of each and every child.

As of December 2007, 35 children have crosssed the SCS threshold, 26 surgeries have been sponsored, 6 Starfish kids are living in the USA w/their adoptive families and 2 children are being adopted in the next 60 days.



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