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Mission Statement

See a hungry kid. Buy food. Feed the kid. The Children's Hunger receives funding from corporate and individual donations of money, grants, and food donations appropriate for our efforts. We are governed by an independent, volunteer Board of Directors drawn from all walks of life. Knowledge is power, and only by being attentive and driven in the classroom can children absorb knowledge properly. A hungry child is less likely to do either one. A hungry child will, more than likely, grow up to be an adult dependent on society at worst or less successful in life as she or he could be at best. The Children's Hunger Project has been formed to address this at the elementary school level. We have an uncompromising determination to achieve excellence as determined by the number of children we help to avoid hunger. We make unusual efforts to identify & recruit volunteers that are the very best for each job. Our goal is simply to feed every hungry and undernourished elementary school age child.


Over 50% of Brevard County students participatein the free and reduced-price lunch program at school!Some local elementary schools have more than 80% of their kids on the program with many at risk of hunger and malnutrition.These numbers are critical to know because the free and reduced-price lunch program is the key indicator of hunger risk, poverty,and malnutrition in a geographic area.

Here is how our program works: Each Friday, kids who we can afford to help get food to carry home in their backpack. Food items include, for example, ravioli, Vienna sausage, milk, juice, applesauce, raisins, cereal and other similar food items.

This food is kid-friendly meaning it is lightweight and easy for the kids to handle since no cooking is required. On Monday the kids return to school with a better and healthier foundation for learning. Then the cycle begins again the next Friday.

At least on weekends, "our" kids have basic nutrition.

Schools provide a free breakfast plus a healthy lunch.

However, many children who are eligible for a free lunch at school are going hungry on weekends.

The Children's Hunger Project addresses the issue of malnutrition and weekend hunger with food packages. These food packages provide the foundation for learning and proper cognitive development of the brain.

Learn more at: thechildrenshungerproject.org


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